Stimulate these acupressure points to revive your immune system

Your immune system protects your body from disease and infection. In this regard, strengthening your immune system is the best way to prevent the onset of colds, flu, fever, and other illnesses. There are many ways to boost your immune system, but a natural remedy for achieving this is the ancient healing method of acupressure.

Acupressure is a form of alternative medicine that provides relief and helps treat ailments ranging from anxiety, stress, migraines, diabetes, indigestion, asthma, and many others. It works by applying pressure to crucial healing points in the body called “acupoints.” These acupoints correspond to different vital organs in the body. By stimulating these points, you can open up energy blockages in your body. This allows “Qi” or healing energy to circulate the body, supplementing the body’s self-healing process.

If you frequently get sick, you might have a weak immune system, leaving you vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections. The five most common causes of a weak immune system are stress, a lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet, and obesity. These factors can weaken your immune system and keep your body from feeling energized. Fortunately, stimulating just the right acupoints can also effectively revive a flagging immune system.  (Related: Strengthen your immune system with acupressure: Top 7 points to give you a boost.)

Acupressure points for good immune health

The proper application of acupressure can provide multiple health benefits. One of these benefits is strengthening your immune system. Here is a list of some acupoints you can stimulate to improve your immune system:


  1. Great Rushing. You can find this point at the top of your foot, in the webbing between your big toe and your second toe. You can stimulate this acupoint on both feet to enhance the circulation of blood and Qi through your body. It can also aid in treating vision problems, headaches, lower back pain, insomnia, and menstrual cramps in women.
  2. Lung point. Locate this acupoint on the balls of your feet. On the ball of your foot is a rectangular area beneath the three middle toes. This rectangle encompasses your Lung point. Massage this area by wrapping the fingers of both your hands around your foot. Use your thumb to apply pressure to this area in small circular motions. Once you are done, move your thumbs along the rest of the rectangle and repeat. Massage this area for 30 seconds per foot.
  3. Shu Mansion. Find this point just under your collarbone in the depression near your breastbone. Boost your immune system functions and clear any congested nasal passages by massaging this spot. It can also enhance your mood by alleviating depression and anxiety.
  4. Stomach 36. This acupoint is also called “Zu San Li” and is useful for treating a wide range of conditions. It is most beneficial for improving one’s digestion and immune system, but it is a tricky point to find. To locate this point, you must first sit on a chair with your knees bent. Now, feel your left kneecap and move your fingers below it. On the bottom outer edge of the kneecap, you should feel a slight depression. Put your left index finger on the depression to mark it. With your right hand, press your three middle fingers together to form a stack and place it directly below your left index finger. Move your left index finger below the stack to the spot directly in line with the depression. This spot is the Stomach 36 acupoint. Repeat the same procedure to find the corresponding point on your right leg. Massage both areas at the same time by making fists with both your hands. Press down on the area with your knuckles and rub them up and down for 30 seconds.

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