VICTORY: Health freedom advocates successfully kill New Jersey bill that sought to eliminate religious vaccine exemptions

The power of We the People was on full display in New Jersey the other day as health freedom advocates declared victory against the tyrannical politicians there who’ve been trying to eliminate the Garden State’s religious exemption clause for “mandatory” vaccination.

S2173 is officially dead in the water thanks to the tireless dedication of all the informed moms and dads across the state who bravely stood up for health freedom, despite being relentlessly shamed, intimidated, and threatened by the pro-vaccine mafia.

While the lawmakers behind this push to end religious exemptions from vaccination can still reintroduce their bill during the next legislative session, much of the momentum is now gone, not to mention the fact that more people know about it and will be on watch to strike it down again, if necessary.

In case you missed some of the footage, these health freedom folks were fired up, to say the least, protesting for days on end against this egregious attempt by corrupt New Jersey politicians to force all parents in the state to jab their children with untested chemicals that could seriously injure or kill them, should they be among the unlucky ones.

At the same time, the political establishment is also fired up, as Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from Gloucester, promised that he and his pro-vax colleagues are “ready to go to war with this.”

“We’re going to start attacking this issue a hell of a lot different,” this tyrant announced after the bill was killed.

“We’re going to attack it with medical experts and putting the facts out and taking them head on with their challenges, because the statements that they make are absolutely untrue. We will pass this bill,” he declared.


Stephen Sweeney declares war on New Jerseyans, vows to force everyone to vaccinate their children no matter what the risk

By now, you’re probably starting to see why deep state swamp monsters like Sweeney want our guns so badly: Because an armed population is much more difficult to control, abuse and victimize than an unarmed one.

To be clear, none of the health freedom advocates who stood outside the Senate chambers in the frigid cold making their voices heard had to procure any firearms in order to kill S2173. But just knowing that many of these people may have been “packing heat” could have played a role in sending a clear message to Sweeney and his fellow cronies that American patriots mean business.

Last we checked, there are no provisions in the United States Constitution that allow politicians to force American citizens to be injected with chemical cocktails of aborted human fetal tissue, aluminum, mercury (Thimerosal), squalene, Polysorbate 80, cancer-causing viral fragments, or any of the other deadly poisons being masqueraded as “medicine.” But this is what domestic terrorists like Sweeney are attempting to legitimize by passing bogus bills to abolish health freedom.

“We’re either going to get it done now or we’re going to get it done in the next session,” Sweeney is further quoted as saying, like some kind of authoritarian dictator who thinks the people of New Jersey are his slaves, when in fact he’s supposed to be working for them. “But by all means, this is getting done.”

“It’s the right health care policy and it’s based on science – unlike what they’re chanting and saying,” he concluded, referring to the health freedom advocates who told him and his fellow Big Pharma sellouts to hit the road.

Sweeney had better be careful, though. His open declaration of war against health freedom, if he really intends to follow through with it, would both necessitate and legitimize that We the People of New Jersey take whatever action necessary in order to stop him. We’ll leave it at that.

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