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Trump’s former pandemic adviser warns that hospitals are about to get “creamed” by influx of coronavirus patients

Everything is not awesome in Rochelle, New York, where coronavirus cases are climbing, where the National Guard is establishing a one-mile, two-week containment zone around the city. As Rochelle, New York becomes the first city to go on lock down in the U.S., other governors are considering similar mass quarantines to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee said that there could be 64,000 cases of COVID-19 in the state by May 2020. No doubt, Inslee is considering a state-wide lock down that could potentially stop the spread of this respiratory virus.

Former Homeland Security adviser warns that hospitals are about to be overrun by coronavirus patients

President Trump’s former Homeland Security Adviser, Thomas Bossert, warned that time is running out to control the spread of coronavirus. Bossert warned NBC News that “We are 10 days from our hospitals getting creamed.” Bossert wrote in the Washington Post that the U.S. should follow the example of Hong Kong and Singapore, “which were able to level off their infection rate thanks to tougher measures early on.”

While President Trump continues to tout the tough measures he took on travel restrictions to and from China, these restrictions on travel may just be the beginning. According to Natural News managing editor Mike Adams, one of the only ways to curb coronavirus cases and therefore deaths, is to implement nationwide medical martial law.

“Yes, there’s a solution to end the coronavirus in the USA in just 30 days. You won’t like it. It involves President Trump declaring a national emergency and announcing a 30-day ‘shelter in place’ lockdown for the entire nation, all while blocking all borders (using the military) and both domestic and international air traffic. It is essentially a tanks-in-the-streets kind of scenario for the entire country, and the republic may not survive it. I’ve been calling it ‘medical martial law.'”

One thing is for sure: Wishful thinking will not make the problem go away. No matter how wary and distrusting the public is of the media’s reporting on the coronavirus issue, governments are and will continue to take authoritarian measures to contain the virus. The American economy is showing signs of fragility, and is vulnerable, even in the age of Trump. In some cities, the general public is rushing to get prepared at the last minute by buying up precious commodities, toilet paper, sanitizers, and canned food.

One of the problems has been the CDC’s botched roll-out of laboratory testing. The CDC’s initial COVID-19 laboratory tests were defective, turning up false positives in controls. This precarious situation, now under investigation, has stalled the nation’s surveillance efforts for controlling the virus. As millions of new tests are sent out to laboratories across the country, health authorities will inevitably find new case hot-spots that went under the radar during the botched testing rollout. This problem alone could cause an influx of new coronavirus patients, flooding hospitals in the coming weeks.

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