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RED ALERT: President Trump “pivots to mandatory vaccinations,” jumps in with Big Pharma’s diabolical “warp speed” mass medical experiment on the American people

Over the last two months, we have watched in horror as Big Pharma and its “death science” puppets like Dr. Fauci appear to have taken over the White House and the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, we have yet more confirmation that Big Pharma has completed its coup against the United States of America, capturing President Trump who is now apparently pivoting to mandatory vaccines as part of the so-called “warp speed” project being run by Big Pharma (and pushed by Dr. Fauci).

This comes on the heels of the news that Dr. Fauci is now tied to funneling money to communist China’s Wuhan virology lab that developed the coronavirus as a biological weapon. Even according to Newsweek, which caters to globalist agendas, Dr. Fauci was right in the middle of the cash injections to the communist death science industry. This is the man who now appears to be directing Trump’s response to the coronavirus for America.

Now, Mac Slavo from has documented Trump’s pivoting to the new Big Pharma agenda to turn every American into a guinea pig for a dangerous, large-scale medical experiment involving unsafe, barely-tested coronavirus vaccines. It appears that Trump has now been captured by Big Pharma and is about to sacrifice the health of the entire nation to the depopulation agenda of Big Pharma mad scientists and the evil, twisted globalists who push depopulation via vaccines.

Will Trump realize his deadly error and revolt against the death science industry? Or will he allow America to be destroyed by it?

Here’s the full story from Mac Slavo, via


President Donald Trump now has a new goal: Operation Warp Speed.  That’s a partnership with “pharmaceutical companies and the military” in a rush to create a coronavirus vaccine that will be mandatory. He’s stepping into Bill Gates’ shoes.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the Trump administration is organizing a Manhattan Project-style effort to drastically cut the time needed to develop a coronavirus vaccine, with the goal of making enough doses for most Americans by year’s end. Instead of eliminating the police state and tyranny, Trump is doing the opposite.  He’s now sided with Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci making him complicate in the removal of people’s basic human rights.

Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and ‘Digital Certificates’

It’s time to call a spade a spade, and a tyrant a tyrant.  Brian from the YouTube channel High Impact Flix detailed the problems with vaccine and how quickly Trump pivoted to help the biggest and most corrupt pharmaceutical companies in the world.

“I wanna ask you a question. Are you really against vaccines? Are you against government-subsidized, taxpayer-funded, pharmaceutical benefiting, Bill Gates supported, vaccines? Now let me ask you this question: are you for or against Donald Trump? Are you for or against Barack Obama? Do you suffer from cognitive dissonance? Are you trying to hold two mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed ideas or beliefs in your minds at the same time?”

The mainstream media is now saying this is a good thing, Trump is doing the right thing, and their reporting of it should concern anyone who wants the freedom to decide what goes into their body. At 2:28 in the above video, there is a clip of Trump saying people “have to take the shot” and get the vaccination.

“Wait ’til you see the name of the operation…I thought ‘no way. No. It can’t be this blatant.’ And if this is true, there’s no way people are still gonna be for Trump after this…Called Operation Warp Speed, the project will join pharmaceutical companies and with government agencies and THE MILITARY…they’re all in bed together, guys!

We’ve known this! Now, they’re just putting it in our faces! ‘Look, see? Here’s that thing you can do about it! We’re gonna get the vaccine going! You’re gonna have to have vaccine certifications!’”

Brian doesn’t mince words:

“Are you really still for Master Trump? You know people were checked out. You guys who are for Trump now, you call people who were for Obama, the signing of the NDAA and the resigning of the Patriot Act under Obama, you said: ‘oh that’s that’s tyranny! This is a tyrant! He’s acting in a despotic manner!’ You were right. But then Trump comes along and does the same thing…just like Obama did. SILENCE!…Cuz everybody that supports Trump that was against Obama…are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and that’s why our country and our world is goin’ down.

Because people are not gonna stand fast on, and hold firm to the truth!

What has the world come to?”

This news isn’t going to sit well with some, but we have to be steadfast when it comes to our rights and our freedom.  We need to know what these people who declare themselves our rulers are planning to do to us. Trump is pushing the elitists’ agenda for ID2020. Do you still support Trump after this?

### end of SHTFplan story

Is Trump pushing the antichrist agenda of world enslavement, financial fascism and depopulation?

Perhaps Trump will realize what he’s doing and change course. Or perhaps he’s really a wolf in sheep’s clothing and has been working for demonic, anti-human forces this entire time.

Note that under Trump, we now have a Universal Basic Income rollout, insane levels of national debt, the Fed buying up all the assets across the country, rapidly worsening censorship and Big Tech tyranny, no labeling of GMOs, no investigations into the vaccine industry and literally nothing that would defend human freedom or liberty.

Under President Trump, we have become less free, more oppressed, less healthy and less informed. And note carefully that Trump continues to push the 5G rollout across America. President Trump, in other words, appears to be all-in with the three pillars of mass death and destruction for America:

I’ve been a Trump supporter for three years. I voted for Trump in 2016. Unless he radically changes course, I will not vote for Trump in 2020. I will not vote for another Big Pharma vaccine shill who has sold out America to the death science industry. If Trump is going to push mandatory vaccines across America, he can go to hell.

Unless he alters course and immediately fires Dr. Fauci and ends the Big Pharma stranglehold over America, President Trump is on course to become just another pathetic sellout who pushes this nation into runaway medical tyranny with forced vaccinations, continued nutritional illiteracy and a 5G Big Brother surveillance system that enslaves everyone.

He’s willing to sacrifice America to try to save the stock market, in other words, and it’s really a bargain with the devil. America will fall if Big Pharma is allowed to rule over our future. Trump now appears to have jumped in bed with America’s most dangerous enemy: the vaccine / pharma cartels that have focused on criminal operations across America for decades.

Watch my preview of my coming lecture, May 15 – 16th, via, where I reveal the full details of the death science industry:

Perhaps this is why Trump has supported Big Tech’s censorship all along: Because he knew he would sell out America, and he wanted to make sure all the voices of resistance against his medical tyranny would be silenced.

Only time will tell if Trump is a true patriot or a pro-vaccine demon who’s working against humanity. Right now, it’s not looking good…

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