Remember when implantable tracking microchips were just a conspiracy theory? Thanks to covid, they’re now a reality

Stockholm-based startup Epicenter has “successfully” tested a rice-sized implantable microchip that is now being used to track people’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” status.

For years, many mocked this concept as just another wild conspiracy theory. Now it has become a reality, and will likely soon be expanded outside the borders of Sweden to the entire world.

In the not-too-distant future, governments around the world will mark their citizens with these injections, which are also capable of storing financial information – meaning they will be required in order to buy and sell.

“Right now, it’s very convenient to have a covid passport always accessible on your implant,” says Hannes Sjöblad, head of DSruptive, one of Epicenter’s technology development partners.

For many years, Epicenter has been trying to produce what it dubs as “human-compatible tech.” The goal has always been to trans-humanized the global population with scannable microchips that contain everything about them.

Those who comply with the government’s edicts will be granted high “social credit” scores on their microchips, allowing them to participate in the new normal. Those who disobey and refuse to get a microchip at all will be disbarred from society.

Sweden now requiring citizens to show proof of vaccination for all gatherings over 100 people

It turns out that Sweden is not exactly the safe haven from plandemic tyranny that many believed it to be.

Just recently, the Swedish government imposed a new fascist policy requiring citizens to procure proof of injection on demand at any gathering attended by more than 100 people. This includes concerts, theater events and even churches that are attended by more than 100 people.


The government’s announcement about this prompted many Swedes to rush out and get Epicenter’s tracking microchips implanted into their skin. The latest figures suggest that at least 6,000 Swedes are now marked and ready to participate in the new normal.

The demonstration video below about how the technology works is nothing short of eerie and dystopian. Watch as a simple “smartphone” is used to scan the person’s wrist and identify the microchip, confirming vaccination compliance:

The 6,000 Swedes who let their wrists get marked will now be allowed to go to restaurants, work out at the health club and participate in other social activities where proof of injection is required.

“For example, if I go to the movies or go to a shopping center, then people will be able to check my status, even if I don’t have my phone,” Sjöblad, a self-described “biohacker,” explains in the video, using his own implanted chip as a demonstration.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has already indicated strong interest in adopting the same technology. The video below from the South China Morning Post explains more:

Just like the Swedish microchip from Epicenter, China’s version relies on radio-frequency identification, or RFID communication, which uses electromagnetic fields to transmit signals verifying or confirming stored information.

“It’s already widely used for things like mobile payments and in many contactless credit cards – something which increased in use after the start of the pandemic, given much of the public’s aversion to ‘touching things’ in public as they go about their daily lives,” reported Zero Hedge.

“Theoretically, such a chip’s data storage could eventually be expanded to hold a huge range of identifying information, which brings up age-old questions of privacy and ease of surveillance by outside parties or hostile entities.”

As you may recall from back in 2017 right after Donald Trump took the White House, a Wisconsin-based technology company called Three Square Market unveiled its own implantable microchip technology that was given to employees, allowing them to pay for food and drinks in the break room.

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