Stew Peters calls on Florida Gov. DeSantis to VETO bill legalizing hospital homicide

Stew Peters called on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to veto House Bill (HB) 7021.

HB 7021 was introduced in the Florida House of Representatives by Republican State Reps. Colleen Burton and Patt Maney in January 2022. It sought to extend the duration of liability protections for healthcare providers from COVID-19 claims. The original bill’s text mentioned protections from these claims “that have accrued before the effective data of this act and within one year after,” but was later amended to include those claims filed before June 1, 2023.

According to Dr. Jane Ruby, the bill sought to legalize Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) death protocols in hospitals.

“We’re absolutely going in the wrong direction here in Florida. HB 7021 actually provides additional legal liability shields to hospitals, nurses and doctors until June of 2023. I’m not sure why we needed this bill when we already have the CDC giving what they call blanket waivers,” Ruby explained.

Peters concurred with his fellow Brighteon.TV host.

“What this is doing is empowering the [hospital] administrators, which are the ones that operate the bottom line. The hospitals are, by and large, for-profit businesses. There are administrators that work there [and] get bonuses and promotions based on whether or not they’re operating in the red, green or the black,” Peters said.

“[Hospitals] obviously are operating in the green because of this COVID-19 pandemic. They get huge bonuses from the government – up to over $100,000 – if they follow specific things. They get a positive PCR test [result]; they get a COVID-19 admission; they use remdesivir; they use a ventilator; and they get a COVID pronunciation of death – COVID-19 on the death certificate. That’s over 100 grand for each patient.”


The host of “The Stew Peters Show” continued: “Of course, these doctors were worried about potentially being sued or held accountable for their actions.” (Related: Florida hospital caught trying to MURDER covid patient to boost death numbers.)

Floridians urged to get in touch with DeSantis ASAP

“If DeSantis does not veto HB 7021, it will absolutely protect these doctors. They will not be held liable at all for killing these people, and these deaths will just continue to ramp up,” warned Peters.

However, the host of “Live with Dr. Jane Ruby” revealed that the proposal was just more than protecting doctors. “It’s actually a carrot-and-stick approach. Not only are they going to get incentivized with millions of dollars [from] the Biden administration, [but] they will [also] lose their liability shield if they don’t follow the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] protocol,” she explained.

“They know that these protocols are killing people by now. Yet they can say ‘Look, I don’t care about the money. But you know what? If I don’t follow it, now I’m going to get punished and they’re going to leave me hanging in the wind.’ And then, they’re going to have operatives come in, file these phony lawsuits and tie these doctors and nurses up for years.”

Peters said: “Just a couple of weeks ago, DeSantis said that he was going to be, front and center, right [at] the front lines of patients rights. He was going to advocate for patient rights – the right to choose at the end of life, the right to refuse to be intubated, all of those things. If this thing doesn’t get vetoed, you’re looking at massive murder for money in the Sunshine State.”

He then called on his viewers: “You need to contact the governor’s office. Contact Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office [and] make him aware of what this bill does. Right now, it’s on the governor’s desk – and he can veto and stop this thing. We can get to those legislators later.”

“Lawmakers in Florida think it is a good idea to allow hospitals to kill for cash for another 18 months. Whoever thought this was a good idea is absolutely insane.”

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Watch the conversation between Brighteon.TV hosts Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby about HB 7021.

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