Inflation and FAKE NEWS drive inflammation: Consumers are buying cheaper food due to inflation and stressing out over fake news, driving health ills to the brink

Just call us the inflammation nation, because that’s what we are here in America, where the majority of consumers take in toxins from every directions, including adulterated food, corrupt medicine, disease-inducing vaccines and fake news. All of these are able to drive and exacerbate inflammation, psychological stress, negative bias and depressive disorders. Reciprocal relationships between certain stressors have been identified, including inflammation and depression being potential “neurobiological mechanisms underlying these interactions,” per scholarly research into the implications for major depressive disorder, and as published by the National Institutes of Health.

According to the NIH research, “…acute and chronic stress is associated with increased inflammatory activity and enhanced attentional processing of negative information. Both are predictive of negative mood and depression symptoms that, in turn, increase inflammatory and cognitive stress reactivity.”

General trust in mass media spiraling downward

The general public’s trust in mass media, as of late, has dropped significantly. Less than 3 out of every 10 Americans said they ‘mostly’ trust news media, and this includes television news, newspapers, and of course, online news. How does one best decipher between real and fake? For starters, fake news is sponsored by huge corporations, for food, pharma, entertainment. More than half of all Americans say they regularly “encounter” fake news on the internet. More than two-thirds of all Americans say they experience fake news on social media, including billions of fake news posts on Fakebook.


Anyone who believes the fake news experiences stress on at least one front. Fake news comes with advertisements promoting toxic products that, once consumed, drive inflammation, the root of nearly every disease and disorder. Fake news is meant to distress its victims (audience), to the point where they give up thinking for themselves, or working for themselves, or trying to make a difference in the world. This drives depressive disorders, which in turn, again, drives inflammation. In other words, slowly but surely, fake news is literally killing people. Let that sink in for a moment.

Fake news media is literally KILLING people, not just with pushing deadly vaccines, but also by pushing fake news that harms people’s health

According to statistics, every year, more of mass media’s brainwashed masses are waking up and snapping out of the hypnosis (not meant to be interpreted in a “woke” way). More people are realizing that most major news organizations don’t just exaggerate, they actually entirely fabricate information to feed narratives of greed and control.

Actively avoiding fake news is good for one’s health. Independent and “alt” media have become very informative, revealing fake news more and more as time goes by, thanks to investigative reporters, insider whistleblowers and MSM idiocy itself.

People with less stress from news propaganda and misdirection can focus more on what really matters to them, including healthy lifestyles, independent thinking, human rights, constitutional liberties and personal goals.

Nearly half of all Republicans realize MSM is totally fake news. Even most programs on Fox News have to report back to Big Pharma, their most lucrative sponsors. Only seven percent of Democrats think MSM is fake news. They believe the Trump-Russia collusion was real. They believe Biden won fair and square in 2020. They believe the Covid clot shot jabs are actually “safe and effective.” They eat mostly toxic food and remain on chronic sick care medications, as promoted heavily on their news networks.

The term “Fake News” dates back to the 1800s when journalists ousted rival magazines and newspapers

No, Donald J. Trump did not invent the term fake news. Battling disinformation is nothing new, but after Trump began blasting fake news nationally during his campaign and after he won POTUS, that’s when fake news MSM began referring to truth media as fake news, in the way that medical doctors (and the highly corrupt AMA) refer to natural remedies as “quack” medicine or “snake oil.” MSM had to “flip the script” to cover their own lies and propaganda, as they were quickly losing ratings and complete believability across the board.

Now, since most Americans, especially Democrats, have received at least one Fauci Flu jab of millions of spike protein prions, they are suffering from chronic inflammation that drives all kinds of health detriment. Their fake news upsets them regularly while setting them up for failure regarding their jobs, their consumption habits and control over their lifestyle in general. Then their vascular system is clogged with prions and losing immune function that wards off viruses, bacteria and pathogens (think ADE, AIDS, Covid variants).

America is the ultimate inflammation nation. Two thirds of Americans will suffer cancer, diabetes, heart disease or dementia in their lifetime. All of these disorders and diseases are driven by inflammation, stress and poor consumption choices. People ‘consume’ fake news, and it consumes them. This leads to an early death that doctors just can’t seem to explain. Some are calling it SADS, an acronym for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Inflammation is your body attempting to fight and rid itself of toxins from consumption, injury, infection and pathogens that trigger a response from your immune system. This should not be a permanent state, yet, for most Americans, that’s exactly what they are experiencing, and it leads to horrible health consequences.

Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about inflammation and inflation that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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