Transgenderism rooted in massive scientific FRAUD, says psychiatrist

Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has been working in mental health for 40 years, has come forward to admit that the entire gender industry (i.e., the transgender mutilation of children) is a pseudoscientific farce.

All of it, she told EpochTV in a recent September 23 broadcast, was developed by a man named John Money – ironic name, is it not? – who theorized that a person’s natural biology – meaning chromosomes and bodily features – is completely separate from that same person’s “feeling of whether they are male or female.”

In other words, transgenderism and the “science” behind it stems from the vain imaginations of some guy named Money whose ideas came right out of his own head and have zero basis in actual science.

“In fact, the opposite was proven,” Grossman would go on to state about the claimed scientific legitimacy of the gender industry, which is a huge money-maker. “This whole concept of having an identity as male or female being completely separate from your biology has actually been proven incorrect by John Money’s experiment. (Related: Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville recently launched a “Trans Buddies” program to spy on doctors and force them to comply with children’s body mutilation demands.)

The very first transgender surgery used as “evidence” that the gender industry is legitimate involved sexual abuse and a later reversed transition

Even so, Money was critical in establishing the first ever clinic to perform gender “reassignment” surgeries on both children and adults at none other than the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic in Maryland.


This all occurred in the 1960s, believe it or not, right when “free love” was sweeping the country during the hippie movement. Over time, Americans were marinated in gender swapping propaganda that has now reached a fever pitch, saturating all of society with its perversions.

At that time, Money was advertising his services at seminars, some of which were broadcast on television. A Canadian couple with a child who suffered a botched circumcision procedure was duped into believing that a “sex change” would cure the disfigured boy.

Money’s message was that all it takes to become the opposite gender is a surgical reassignment, his theory predicating upon the idea that humans are born as a “blank slate” regardless of their genitalia and chromosomes.

“He told the parents that they must immediately change Bruce’s name to a girl’s name, put him in girl’s clothing, tell everybody that he’s a girl, and never, ever tell him the truth about his birth and what happened to him,” Grossman explained.

Grossman then encouraged these parents to castrate their son and have doctors construct “elementary female genitalia” for the boy instead. They apparently complied, and about 10 years later the boy, who was a twin, stopped talking to his parents – as did the twin.

It turns out that Money sexually abused both of the children during their appointments at his clinic. Bruce said he was never happy being a girl and his masculine inclinations caused him to live “disturbed” throughout his life – something that could never be undone because of what his parents did to him.

Before this, Bruce knew none the wiser, however. He was living as “Brenda” at the time, and upon learning the truth about what happened to him, he reverted back to being the boy he always was and took on the name David.

“We have to acknowledge the unbelievable arrogance of a professional high-standing academic – widely respected, accomplished – the arrogance that he had to exploit this family in order to hold them up as proof of his theory,” Grossman says.

“His ideas about gender were institutionalized, were immediately adopted within an entire field of medicine – within mental health, psychiatry – and outside of medicine as well.”

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