11 United Nations member countries PUSH BACK against pandemic declaration

Eleven member countries of the United Nations (UN) have expressed their opposition to a pandemic declaration that conceals a framework for medical martial law.

The 11 countries – Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe – voiced out their opposition in a Sept. 17 letter addressed to UN General Assembly (UNGA) President Dennis Francis.

The joint correspondence from the 11 nations’ permanent representatives pushed back against the final draft of the UN’s Political Declaration of the UNGA High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPPR) Aside from the declaration, the letter also disagreed with the draft political declarations of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Summit. Declarations drafted during the high-level meetings on universal health coverage and the fight against tuberculosis were likewise opposed – for a total of four. (Related: WHO whistleblower: Globalist puppets seek full control over humanity through the deployment of COVID-19 pandemic treaty.)

“Our delegations oppose any attempt to pretend to formally adopt any of the draft outcome documents in question,” the letter from the 11 countries stated. “In addition, we reserve the right to take appropriate action upon the formal consideration of these four draft outcome documents in the coming weeks.”

The signatories lamented the impossibility of finding “a political solution to the current stalemate” regarding these declarations. They pointed to the lack of both “meaningful negotiations” and “transparency,” two elements they said were necessary “to have balanced and acceptable outcomes for all.”


They also pointed out the impact of so-called unilateral coercive measures (UCMs) such as trade sanctions, embargoes, asset freezes and travel bans. These “illegal” UCMs, they argued, badly affected countries and their citizens.

“The issue of the negative impact of UCMs is an existential one for our peoples,” the 11 nations said. “A third of the world’s population is affected by these illegal measures. There is ample evidence – including from UN sources – of the heavy toll caused by UCMs on targeted countries’ capacities to achieve sustainable development and to make further progress in protecting the right to health of their respective populations.”

UN to facilitate worldwide medical tyranny under the WHO

The PPPR Declaration “heavily emphasizes the importance of global access to vaccines both as a remedy and a preventive measure for pandemics,” according to LifeSiteNews. “[It also] considers vaccine uptake such a high priority that it deems any messages encouraging ‘vaccine hesitancy’ – including on social media – a problem to be combatted.”

“The document also calls for the recognition of the potential of digital health technologies in ‘strengthening secure communications in health emergencies,’ as well as of the importance of ‘digitalized health documents.’ These could theoretically include digital vaccine passports, which are being developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and [the] European Union.”

However according to activist and author James Roguski, the proposed digital vaccine passports included in the declaration would grant the WHO unprecedented authority to control the public.

During an appearance on “Bannon’s War Room,” Roguski warned that health authorities are actively building the capability to “track and trace everybody on the planet.” He further cautioned that the term “voluntary” may not hold for long, given the substantial investment of time and resources in these systems.

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Watch Alex Newman of the New American magazine explaining why the UN PPPR Declaration is part of the war on humanity below.

This video is from The New American channel on Brighteon.com.

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