Anonymous writer exposes MASS MURDER committed by Aussie gov’t during COVID-19 pandemic

An article published on Substack back in September accused the Australian government of mass murder during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Sept. 9 post by the writer under the pseudonym ExcessDeathsAU argued that Canberra’s actions during the pandemic were tantamount to democide, the intentional killing of unarmed people. The author allegedly spent months researching the Australian government’s actions during the height of the pandemic in the Land Down Under.

They outlined a series of troubling allegations against the Australian government, complete with supporting documents.

First, the government allegedly collaborated with tech giants like Twitter and Facebook “to censor, digitally corral, de-platform and target Australian citizens.” In turn, this collaboration infringed on the freedom of speech and access to information during the pandemic.

Second, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) allegedly imposed restrictions on hydroxychloroquine prescriptions for COVID-19. The TGA is the country’s equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Third, the government launched the “Arm Yourself” vaccine media campaign that tapped celebrities, sports stars and pastors to manipulate the Aboriginal group on COVID-19 vaccination. The said campaign ran from 2021 until 2022.

Fourth, public leaders like former Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan called people who refused the COVID-19 vaccine “drongos,” “idiots,” “morons” and “absolute cretins.” Such coarse and derogatory remarks, ExcessDeathsAU noted, were seen as harmful to public discourse.


In turn, Canberra’s response to the pandemic has caused adverse consequences like people being stranded overseas for extended periods, an increase in suicides during lockdowns and the use of “medi-hotels” and “facilities” for quarantine. (Related: Government tyranny is FAR more dangerous than covid-19… we must not slide into socialism or communism as we attempt to survive the coronavirus.)

Democide, medical fraud prevalent during COVID-19 pandemic

A similar situation was observed in the U.S., with a study by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s response against it contributed to the increase in excess deaths in the United States.

The study, conducted over a span of more than two decades, alleges that medical malpractice, the implementation of controversial protocols and the suppression of alternative treatments have led to a potential “modern-day Holocaust.”

It also argues that the initial two-week time effort to “flatten the curve” spiraled into years of oppressive measures. The viable treatments were withheld and financial incentives encouraged hospitals to oversee sedation and ventilation. Moreover, it argued that other medicines and health procedures were censored in favor of the drug remdesivir to spread confusion and misguided hysteria about COVID-19.

The JHU study also highlighted a series of waves of excess deaths over the course of the pandemic. Initially, in March 2020, the “first wave” of hospitalizations and deaths was curbed by subsequent waves – even after mask mandates, contact tracing and quarantines were introduced in the fall of the same year.

The controversy did not end there. In January and February 2022, another wave of excess deaths among young people occurred following the push for COVID-19 booster shots. The study stated that 84 percent of excess mortality during this period exceeded the total number of lives lost during the entire Vietnam War. It also claimed that government mandates and reliance on PCR tests led to people giving up their rights and taking experimental vaccines.

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Watch former New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian announcing that Australians can leave their homes for one hour of exercise – but only if they are vaccinated.

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