Reanalysis of data confirms findings of 2011 study: Infant mortality rates correlate with childhood vaccination rates

In a 2011 study published in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology, researchers Neil Miller and Gary Goldman reported that infant mortality rates correlate with childhood vaccination rates, with high-uptake countries having higher child mortality.

Their findings were confirmed by a reanalysis of the data in February that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus. The recent paper confirmed the 2011 conclusion that there is a positive correlation between vaccine doses and infant mortality rates.

In 2020, national and international health authorities, along with the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, warned that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) fears and lockdowns had the “unfortunate” side effect of lowering routine childhood vaccination rates.

But evidence suggests that the predicted decline in vaccinations actually had a positive impact.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, data from the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic seems to confirm this link, especially because the death rate for American children declined amid lockdowns when many parents were unable to take their children for their scheduled vaccinations.

During this period, childhood deaths went down by 30 percent, going from an average of 700 deaths per week to fewer than 500 during April and May 2020.

Viera Scheibner, an Australian researcher, has said that experts have long suspected childhood vaccines of being a contributing factor to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or “cot death.”

Since the late 1980s the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has kept adding new vaccines to the recommended schedule without taking any vaccines off the schedule. Now, the number of vaccinations recommended for children in North America has quadrupled since the 1970s.


At the same time, children’s health in the U.S. has seen a marked decline, with many parents starting to question whether their children need all these vaccines to be safe and healthy. Parents are also asking if over-vaccination is contributing to some of the health problems they are seeing in their children.

According to a report published by Children’s Health Defense in 2022, 54 percent of American children are chronically ill, with 13 percent in special education. Almost 11 percent of children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

One in six children has a developmental disorder, while 15,000 were diagnosed with cancer in 2022 alone. At the same time, millions of children suffer from allergies like deadly peanut allergies, something unheard of fifty years ago. (Related: DATA ANALYSIS: Increase in miscarriages and stillbirths directly linked to COVID-19 vaccines.)

Vaccinations linked to autism and other health issues in children

The alarming figures don’t even include the shocking surge in autism. In 1980, before the push for childhood vaccines, the incidence of autism was about one in ten thousand children.

In 2002, it was one in 250, in 2013 it was one in 50 and now it is estimated to be one in 25. This should be considered “a critical public health pandemic,” but it isn’t even mentioned by the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO) or corporate media.

It also seems more than coincidental that America gives children under the age of one year the highest number of vaccine doses in the world, which is 26 doses. But with all that “protection,” the U.S. also has the highest rate of infant mortality among all First World developed nations.

What is causing these young children to die or develop debilitating diseases?

Dr. Paul Thomas revealed shocking statistics in his presentation to Vaccine Choice Canada earlier this year. The slides Thomas shared were based on his Health Freedom Summit 2022 presentation comparing the incidence of chronic diseases (as opposed to actual death) in all age groups within the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations in the United States.

Across the board, Thomas said those who had managed to avoid childhood vaccines were healthier and less prone to health degradation.

Data confirmed that in the vaccinated population, the percentage of people with some form of heart disease or disorder was 48 percent. In the unvaccinated population, it was zero. And in the vaccinated population, 16.67 percent of people developed arthritis. In the unvaccinated population, it was zero.

Dr. John Classen from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and his brother David first started studying autoimmune disorders in the 1990s. Their accumulated work and the many research papers they published over the last two decades confirmed that the more parents vaccinate their children, at least after the age of two months, the more likely they are to develop Type 1 diabetes.

This is also confirmed in Thomas’ findings where he concluded that in the vaccinated population, 10 percent of people become diabetic. In the unvaccinated population, it was once again zero.

Learning disabilities are another condition commonly observed in children, with eight percent of children in the vaccinated group having learning disabilities, while only 0.72 percent of children in the unvaccinated group have learning disabilities.

Parents beware: Your children may be over-vaccinated

Dr. Collin Lynn, a family physician based in California, said that it’s highly likely that children are being given “too many vaccines.”

It’s hard to deny that chronic disease in the U.S. is on the rise, so much so at least 50 percent of the population now suffers from a chronic illness. According to Thomas, the vast majority of them are vaccinated.

Journalist Jennifer Margulis wrote in her report titled “Parents Need to Know: Are Your Children Over-Vaccinated?” that “instead of re-evaluating current immunization practices, the conventional medical community either ignores the science done by medical researchers like Classen and Miller or paints them as wild-eyed anti-vaccine extremists.”

Margulis added that scientists who prove that popular and profitable pharmaceutical products can cause harm often risk losing their livelihoods and their respected standing in the scientific community.

Because of censorship, there are only a handful of brave individuals who criticize vaccinations, while those who do speak out don’t last long.

It shouldn’t be surprising that most of the public obey the childhood vaccine schedule like sheep and don’t even think of questioning these harmful vaccines as anything but the life-saving miracles of modern medicine.

But the real science shows that this is not true. According to Isaac Newton’s Third Law, for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

And even though no one thinks about it, this law applies to the “action” of vaccination as well: There will always be a consequence or “reaction” to it.

Parents must always consider this before blindly lining their children up for their COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots.

Watch the video below as the Florida Surgeon General warns that COVID-19 vaccines can increase the risk of getting infected.

This video is from the GalacticStorm channel on

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