Show your support for Dr. Mark Trozzi as he faces the threat of losing his medical license

Medical freedom champion Dr. Mark Trozzi is asking that citizens everywhere write letters to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) supporting him as a doctor as he awaits disciplinary action and the potential revocation of his medical license.

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On the heels of Dr. Trozzi’s disciplinary hearing last week with CPSO, his attorney, Michael Alexander, shared that CPSO concluded that the COVID-19 frontline doctor has “essentially been spreading misinformation” and that this “has caused public harm,” despite lack of proof that this is the case.

He added that they have also found Dr. Trozzi to be “incompetent” and “guilty of failing to maintain the standard practice” and of “dishonorable conduct.”

According to Alexander, Dr. Trozzi’s penalty hearing will take place on Friday, November 10, when CPSO will argue for the revocation of his license.

Dr. Trozzi is asking that his supporters submit compliments about his medical work, advice, and contributions, which have reached beyond the doctor’s office to a worldwide audience through blog posts and videos posted online.

Supporters can also share positive feedback about Dr. Trozzi by directly emailing [email protected] and are encouraged to paste their letters in the comment section of his page providing an update on his persecution by CPSO.

In his video update posted Monday, he explained that he is being punished for defying CPSO mandates that he found to be “unscientific and unethical” as well as gravely dangerous.

As a trauma physician and frontline doctor during the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Trozzi publicly advised against the COVID injections after he studied the ingredients and effects of the jabs for himself and found that they were not safe or effective, as was being widely proclaimed. He also liberally provided medical exemptions to shot mandates in defiance of CPSO protocol.

In the interest of protecting not only his own patients but people everywhere, Dr. Trozzi promoted alternative COVID-19 treatments and publicly explained why the COVID shots are not vaccines but in fact are “dangerous genetic experiments.”

In retaliation, Dr. Trozzi was barred from issuing medical exemptions for COVID-19 shots, masking requirements and testing in 2021, along with Ontario doctor Rochagne Kilian.

At the time, CPSO said the interim orders were given in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, which allow restrictions on a member’s license if a regulator believes a certain practice “exposes or is likely to expose patients to harm or injury.”

The CPSO has cracked down on numerous physicians who have failed to comply with standard protocol during the COVID outbreak, so much so that Dr. Robert Malone recently spoke out against what he described as the “re-education” of dissident Canadian doctors.

The CPSO has thus far initiated legal action against Trozzi and at least five other doctors who are committed to their Hippocratic Oath responsibilities related to COVID:? Mary O’Connor, ?Rochangé Kilian, Celeste Jean Thirlwell,? Patrick Phillips,?and Crystal Luchkiw.

Regarding the current threat to Dr. Trozzi’s medical license, Sloan suggested his outlook doesn’t look bright considering that CPSO wins at least 90% to 95% of its cases.

Dr. Trozzi pointed out Monday that his medical license is being threatened despite the “extensive scientific evidence” he has shared backing up his claims, including autopsy data, and despite the fact that other countries’ governments have called upon him to share “important truths about COVID and solutions to the health disaster the world is now in.”

“Despite all that, the CPSU are declaring myself, like others who maintained our oath, to be unprofessional, dishonorable and incompetent,” Dr. Trozzi said.

He expressed his desire to offer all those working in health ministries in Canada “a path to redemption,” highlighting the most recent evidence about the dangers of the COVID shots that has come to light concerning DNA contamination of the Pfizer and Moderna shots.

“Pfizer lied to Health Canada and all of us. You did not sign up for what was injected into you. Any role you took in injecting others, promoting the injections or even persecuting doctors like myself can now be forgiven as long as you realize you were lied to and changed course,” Dr. Trozzi said.

“Put a hold on your COVID policies. Stop all the persecution of doctors, nurses and others who recognize the dangers and, above all, immediately alert all doctors, nurses and citizens that Pfizer lied. The injections are contaminated, and all injections must stop immediately. We can come together now as a country and people against the perpetrators of the fraud,” he concluded.

Donations, which are the only source of income for Dr. Trozzi and his family at this time, can be made via his website

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