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Biological dentist Dr. Toni Engram told retired chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis that oral health is directly involved in the human body’s systemic issues.

“More and more studies are showing that in general, the health of your mouth is directly implicated in some of these systemic issues,” she said during the Nov. 8 episode of the Brighteon.TV program “The Dr. Ardis Show.”

Engram explained that if a person has thyroid issues, they will see more of this inflammation that will eventually lead to more flare-ups of the thyroid issues. The owner of the Richardson, Texas-based Flourish Dental Boutique ultimately pointed out that any issue that is inflammation-based will correlate with a person’s oral health.

In Eastern medicine, each specific tooth is connected energetically to different parts of the body. She explained that the upper first molars are connected to breast tissue, while the lower front teeth are connected to the genital and urinary system.

Engram shared the case of one of her patients who was having pain in the gum tissue around the lower front teeth. This patient of hers was also having menstrual bleeding for months.

It was only after Engram’s patient checked with a gynecologist that the actual problem was discovered. A large cyst was found in the patient’s uterus and was surgically removed. The gum tissue pain also went away when the cyst was removed.

There is a connection between the teeth and the body’s organs

Ardis acknowledged that there was indeed a connection between the teeth and the body’s organs. Any issues with specific organs show through the teeth. Thus, he expressed belief that biological dentistry helps to solve and resolve concerns that are implicated in every single organ of the human body.

Engram also shared her struggles with Crohn’s disease. After going on medications to treat her autoimmune disease, she had to figure out how to heal herself and learn what foods work and didn’t work for her. The biological dentist also stressed that healing is possible, and taking drugs every day is not the only option for treatment and therapy.

Engram also mentioned that when she was healed of her condition, she dropped fast food meals and junk food. She also dropped her typical drink orders at Starbucks, which leaned toward the more unhealthy side. The dentist also urged people to drop the junk carbohydrates, crackers and bread – the latter being sugar in another form – and to add bone broth to their diet.

She ultimately remarked that making some small changes can eventually build up and make a big difference. Ardis agreed, noting that if Americans changed some of the timing and what foods they eat, it would go a long way in preventing oral and digestive disorders.

Ardis then asked his guest is she had particular recommendations for brushing one’s teeth. In response, Engram said while there is something to be said for not disrupting a healthy oral microbiome, the problem lies with a person’s exposure.

“It’s all about creating a healthy terrain and we’re exposed to too much junk,” she said. “Our terrain is not healthy enough that we cannot brush and remove that plaque, that biofilm from our teeth every day.”

She also pointed out that using Listerine or other mouthwash to kill the bacteria in the body and mouth is like taking a blowtorch to the microbiome and Roundup for the mouth. (Related: 9 Toxic ingredients found in your mouthwash … Are you accidentally ruining your teeth?)

“So, if your mouth is a garden, which it is in many ways, then those harsh mouthwashes are basically the equivalent of Roundup. It kills everything.”

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Watch the Nov. 8 episode of “The Dr. Ardis Show” below. Tune in to “The Dr. Ardis Show” every Wednesday at 10-11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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