Moderna’s marketing arm colludes with U.S. law enforcement to SPY on Americans, shut down public vaccine skepticism

Internal reports from drug giant Moderna show that all throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic,” the company conspired and colluded with law enforcement and social media companies to target vaccine skeptics like Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic.

Moderna actually compiled one report devoted specifically to Djokovic, who is popular, well-loved and very outspoken in opposition to vaccines. Entitled “Djokovic Crowned Anti-vaccine Hero after U.S. Open Win,” the report cites how Djokovic was barred from competing in the 2022 U.S. Open due to being unvaccinated, but that he returned this past year and won.

This is significant because the U.S. Open is sponsored by Moderna, which is clearly very threatened by Djokovic speaking his mind. The company wrote in its report on Djokovic that:

“The optics of Djokovic, whose vaccine opposition barred him from competing in the 2022 U.S. Open, returning to and winning the Moderna-sponsored competition bolsters anti-vaccine claims that vaccines – and mandates – are unnecessary.”

Djokovic is rated by Moderna as “high-risk” in the company’s internal classification system because of his popular status and influence. Many of Djokovic’s fanatics, Moderna also found, are vocal on social media in that they “mockingly point out that Moderna is a U.S. Open sponsor.”

(Related: Djokovic was kicked out of Australia during COVID for being unvaccinated.)

Big Pharma-funded Public Good Projects funds vaccine hesitancy snitch network

It turns out that Moderna is not compiling these reports all by itself. The company has a hidden marketing partnership with former law enforcement officials, including at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These former spooks also utilize the help of corrupt public health officials to both monitor and influence vaccine policy.

This is made possible through a drug industry-funded non-governmental organization (NGO) called Public Good Projects (PGP) that works closely with social media companies, government agencies, and news websites to directly confront the “root cause of vaccine hesitancy” by rapidly pinpointing and “shutting down misinformation.”

At no point in any of its reports does Moderna actually specify how its targets are spreading misinformation, nor does it state any kind of counter truth as a rebuttal. It is simply stated over and over again in these reports that the targets are wrong and spreading misinformation – no evidence required.

“According to documents we have seen, PGP works closely with social media platforms, government agencies and news websites to confront the ‘root cause of vaccine hesitancy’ by rapidly identifying and “shutting down misinformation,'” write Lee Fang and Jack Poulson for UnHerd.

“A network of 45,000 healthcare professionals [is] given talking points ‘and advice on how to respond when vaccine misinformation goes mainstream,’ according to an email from Moderna.”

Moderna utilizes an AI called “Blue Silk” to monitor vaccine-related conversations online

Since the beginning of the so-called “pandemic,” Moderna has played a crucial role in fueling the public discourse wars surrounding its mRNA COVID jabs, which are the company’s first real product that has gone to market. Moderna also helped engineer more public support for lockdowns and mass vaccination by manipulating the government narrative to what it ultimately became.

“With PGP, Moderna is monitoring a huge range of mainstream outlets, as well as unconventional ones, such as the Steam online gaming community and Medium,” UnHerd further explains.

“Meanwhile, Moderna also retains Talkwalker which uses its ‘Blue Silk’ artificial intelligence to monitor vaccine-related conversations across 150 million websites in nearly 200 countries. Discussions around ‘competitor’ issues, including discussions of Pfizer are flagged as well as vaccine hesitancy.”

One former law enforcement agent who partners with Moderna to push its agenda is Nikki Rutman. Rutman spent nearly 20 years as an analyst at the FBI, during which time she helped spearhead the Trump regime’s “Operation Warp Speed” program to mass jab the entire country in record time.

We are told that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), created by the George W. Bush regime after 9/11, is also colluding with Moderna along with the others to steer the public conversation in support of vaccines.

In another unearthed Moderna report, we read that DHS along with former FBI and other law enforcement agencies have a color-coded warning system in place that gauges the severity of anti-vaccine narratives.

“The high and medium alerts include explanations of the news source and why it matters, followed by a listing of “’ow-risk narratives we are monitoring’ that ‘don’t currently warrant any action,'” UnHerd reports. “If and when a response is needed, ‘our team will notify the appropriate stakeholders with recommendations.'”

One big name on that list in the “high risk” category is billionaire electric vehicle (EV) guru Elon Musk, who now owns X (formerly Twitter). Moderna says that Musk is really dangerous because he created a video ridiculing the media and government officials for claiming that COVID jabs are “100 percent effective” against the bioweapon.

Like its other reports, Moderna’s report on Musk does not specify any allegedly false statements that he made in the video. Instead, it simply labeled the video as dangerous for pointing out that allowing “deception by health authorities and health care providers during the pandemic” will “lay the groundwork to sow distrust in credible sources on vaccine safety and effectiveness.”

Russell Brand is also named in a Moderna report as a dangerous anti-vaxxer because of his outspoken “anti-vaccine beliefs.” One popular video that featured Brand highlighted how, at the peak of Operation Warp Speed, Moderna and Pfizer were both raking in “$1,000 of profit every second” from the sale of their COVID injections.

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