Planned Parenthood caught admitting it performs SECRET ABORTIONS on young teens “so the parents won’t find out”

A new Project Veritas exposé exposes Planned Parenthood for breaking the law by escorting young teenagers from states where abortions are illegal to states where they are legal, without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Kansas Planned Parenthood Managing Director “Emily” is seen and heard in the footage explaining that the abortion mill does, in fact, “help people get to these places,” referring to the teens Planned Parenthood sends from abortion-illegal states to abortion-legal states to murder their unborn children.

In another clip, undercover journalists from Project Veritas asked a nurse from Maple Women’s Health Center in Dallas if any documentation is required about an abortion representative’s relationship to a teen being exploited for an out-of-state abortion, to which the staffer responded with a simple “no.”

“In Part Two of our investigation into the nation’s largest abortion provider, undercover camera has further revealed Planned Parenthood’s nationwide scheme to traffic minors across state lines for secret abortions,” Project Veritas told LifeNews about its latest project.

“An investigative journalist met with healthcare workers at various clinics in Texas, as well as Planned Parenthood employees in California and Kansas, to further investigate the elaborate lengths the abortion giant will go to facilitate, and help conceal, abortions for minors.”

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Planned Parenthood purposes to perform young teen abortions in a way that “parents won’t find out”

Part One of the Project Veritas exposé looked at how Planned Parenthood provides all the services needed to conduct these illicit out-of-state teen abortions without parental consent, including setting up hotels; arranging interstate transport; providing doctors’ notes to children’s schools; and even paying for the abortion itself.

Part Two, as previously explained, further expands on Planned Parenthood’s direct role in being “the go-to collaborator,” as the investigative journalism group calls it, “when minors in abortion-outlawed Texas desire to terminate a pregnancy without parental consent.”

Planned Parenthood fully admits that it facilitates and performs these teen abortions in secret so the “parents won’t find out.”

Getting back to Emily from the Kansas branch of Planned Parenthood, she admitted to undercover Project Veritas reporters that her clinic frequently sees out-of-state patients, as well as helps to arrange transport for them to get there.

“We mostly see Texas and Oklahoma patients,” Emily admitted. “If you want to go further, you’ve got to go to Illinois. You’ve got to go to Colorado. I think the latest one is Washington, D.C., and we do help people get to these places.”

Upon reviewing the Project Veritas footage, which is available for viewing at, Abby Johnson, a former eight-year employee and managing director for Planned Parenthood in Texas, revealed how her former employer works in tandem with the court systems to “rubber stamp” abortions for minors.

“They [Planned Parenthood] would coach them,” Johnson revealed. “They would give the girls a script that she would need to read to the judge … They knew every judge and they had a relationship with every judge that would rubber stamp the consent for this minor to get an abortion.”

Project Veritas further revealed that one of its journalists who conducted the undercover interviews with Planned Parenthood employees was given a pamphlet with contact information for all relevant court officials, as well as instructions about how minors can and should pursue an abortion without parental consent to avoid complications or roadblocks.

“This process is called a ‘judicial bypass,’ and is described by Emily, a Kansas Planned Parenthood Managing Director, as something the courts are instructed to prioritize,” Project Veritas confirmed.

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