Trump brags about his role in Operation Warp Speed in Truth Social post – but that’s not something to be proud of

Former President Donald Trump turned into a vaccine shill with his recent Truth Social post, bragging about his role in Operation Warp Speed that resulted in the creation of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

“The pandemic no longer controls our lives. The vaccines that saved us from COVID-19 are now being used to help beat cancer – turning setback into comeback,” he wrote in a March 8 post. “You’re welcome, Joe. Nine-month approval time versus 12 years that it would have taken you.”

The former president ostensibly attacked his successor, incumbent President Joe Biden, in the Truth Social post. A day earlier in March 7, the Democratic chief executive delivered his State of the Union (SotU) address. Biden claimed that the vaccines “saved the country” from COVID-19, leading Trump to accuse him of “taking credit for ending the pandemic.” (Related: Trump TRIPLES down on the deadly vax; claims to have saved millions of lives with Operation Warp Speed.)

But Thailand-based independent journalist Ben Bartee begged to differ. He eviscerated the former president’s claims in a March 12 piece on his Substack.

“The ‘pandemic’ never ‘controlled our lives.’ The social, economic and psychological costs were imposed by legal fiat and corporate state media terror campaigns,” he wrote. “Vaccines require 10 to 15 years of development because they kill people en masse when they’re rushed through in nine months – in the back of said corporate state media terror campaigns and a society held hostage by the government. Where did the exploding cancer rates that now allegedly require COVID-19 shots to fix come from, Trump?”

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Bartee also lamented in his Substack piece how people sometimes bristle at his refusal “to full-throatedly embrace Trump without reservation.” He defended this stance in the same piece.

“This kind of ignorant, prideful tripe is why Trump is not anyone’s savior. I’m not in the business of blindly propping up politicians in the hopes that they’ll serve as the second coming of Jesus.”

Former president says Biden afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome

Aside from the vaccine claims, Trump also lambasted Biden’s “terrible” SotU address. He called the March 7 speech the “angriest, least compassionate and worst SotU speech ever made,” deeming it “an embarrassment to [the] country.”

The real estate mogul did not mince words with his assessment of the incumbent’s speech. Trump criticized Biden as “angry” and “mentally disturbed,” arguing that his successor is afflicted with a “terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)” during an interview with Fox News. TDS is often used to describe an obsessive focus on criticizing Trump, with Democrats like Biden frequently being slapped with the term.

Throughout the hour-long SotU speech, Biden referenced Trump almost a dozen times without mentioning his name, using the term “my predecessor.” In response, Trump suggested that the repeated references were a reaction to his 14-point lead over Biden in the polls.

The former president also hinted that Biden’s apparent anger is a symptom of a larger issue, suggesting senility. He ultimately commented that the 81-year-old Biden shouldn’t hold office at his current age. Biden is currently running for a second term after being elected in the 2020 election marred with vote fraud.

Watch House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) tell Jesse Watters of Fox News that Biden “is not on his A-game” below.

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