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Coronavirus deaths WAY WORSE than what official Chinese government numbers portray

We’ve just about reached the 29,000 mark for official coronavirus infections, along with almost 600 dead from the novel disease. But are these figures accurate? One local “netizen” from Wuhan, China, who’s on the ground and seeing it all first-hand says no.

An English translation of the above-linked article contends that the actual number of coronavirus infections and deaths is significantly higher than what the communist Chinese government claims.

Similar to what a nurse recently announced about gross underrepresentation in the official numbers, this netizen, who secretly visited a local hospital, says he witnessed eight dead bodies sent to cremation just in the first five minutes.

Not long after this individual published video online of what he saw at the hospital, communist Chinese authorities quickly arrested him. But the evidence is now out there that what we’re all being told and what’s actually happening are two different scenarios entirely.

In addition to the eight bodies this guy observed going into cremation were additional corpses lining the floors of the facility waiting for their “turn” to be burned.

If this was all observed to be happening within just a few minutes of observation, then there’s no way that the actual death count is anywhere close to just a few hundred, which is what the communist Chinese government is claiming.

Be sure to watch the below Health Ranger Report video from in which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses how Big Tech is complicit in communist China’s coverup of the truth:

Local Wuhan funeral home announces 24-hour service to handle coronavirus corpse overload

Though the man who captured this footage, identified as “Fang Bin,” was later released, his initial arrest following the first video upload just goes to show that communist China does not want word getting out about the severity of this outbreak, which has now gone global.

Another thing Bin learned was that a local funeral home in Wuhan is now offering 24-hour cremation services to handle the sheer number of people that are dying from the disease. Mathematically speaking, this alone suggests that the true death count from novel coronavirus is significantly higher than the official number.

“He is a true hero!” tweeted one Twitter user by the name of Jennifer Zeng about Bin’s brave work in exposing what’s really going on in Wuhan that the world isn’t being told.

“He shot the video of No. 5 Hospital in #Wuhan and let the world know how serious the situation is … What he says offers us a way out: Don’t be afraid, stand up, help ourselves, everyone helps everyone else!”

In another tweet, Zeng explained that Bin’s mobile phone and computer were both confiscated upon his arrest, presumably in an attempt to destroy all of the evidence he captured and shared with the world.

One of the biggest problems with the Wuhan quarantine and isolation system is that there simply aren’t enough testing kits for the amount of people that are arriving at local hospitals with symptoms. Most of them are simply being told to “self-isolate” at home, but this does little to stop the spread of disease if such individuals are in close proximity to others.

It is also reportedly very difficult for the city’s 11 million some-odd people to even access medical facilities now that public and private transportation has been ordered to a halt for the foreseeable future.

A research analysis group known as “Perspective China” has reportedly conducted its own inquiry into the situation and confirmed what Bin captured on tape, and that’s that the communist Chinese government isn’t telling the truth, and that “the actual mortality rate in Wuhan is 35 times or more than the official figure.”

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