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Here’s how Trump can end the coronavirus epidemic in just 30 days… (Hint: You won’t like it, and our republic may not survive)

Over the last few weeks, people have been repeatedly asking me for solutions to the coronavirus.

Be careful what you ask for.

Yes, there’s a solution to end the coronavirus in the USA in just 30 days. You won’t like it.

It involves President Trump declaring a national emergency and announcing a 30-day “shelter in place” lockdown for the entire nation, all while blocking all borders (using the military) and both domestic and international air traffic. It is essentially a tanks-in-the-streets kind of scenario for the entire country, and the republic may not survive it.

I’ve been calling it “medical martial law.” Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, a constitutional scholar, is reminding me that all forms of martial law are unconstitutional. “Way too many people think martial law is constitutional,” he warns. “They have been conditioned to think that.” He further explains that all such scenarios are ruled by the military, which means the American people will be at the mercy of the military as it is deployed against American citizens… not a pretty picture, since soldiers are trained to kill people, not police people. (See my full interview with Stewart Rhodes below, and read up on Posse Comitatus.)

The reason this is all relevant is because I’ve done the math on this pandemic. I released a pandemic projection model spreadsheet yesterday, and it has since been downloaded thousands of times. You can download the spreadsheet here and modify the assumption variables to test your own scenarios.

Almost all the scenarios end badly. One scenario, which I labeled “good news,” projects only 1.1 million deaths in the USA by July 4th. More aggressive scenarios can reduce those deaths to just a few thousand, but they involve what is essentially nationwide medical martial law.

Another name for extreme social distancing is “martial law lockdown”

That’s because the only thing that stops the virus is a very high “social distancing suppression factor,” which essentially means forcing everybody to be prisoners in their own homes for 3-4 weeks. This is exactly what Italy has now done across its entire nation. Italy chose this option because it’s the “nuclear option” to break the cycle of exponential replication of the virus. You lock down everything and everybody for 3-4 weeks and the virus burns out.

It’s sort of like shutting off the oxygen to a raging fire. The entire coronavirus epidemic in America — which now has over 1,000 confirmed infections across the country (remember when Trump said it was only 15?) — would be snuffed out in less than a month.

Achieving that, however, would require violating the constitutional rights of all Americans. It would require “tanks in the streets.” Draconian, China-style military troops going door to door, taking temperatures at gunpoint. Gun confiscation would probably be thrown into the mix, too, especially in liberal cities. It would all be explained away as a “public health emergency,” and authorities would claim your constitutional rights are “suspended” (even though such claims are wildly unconstitutional, of course).

Over the 3-4 weeks, the US economy would implode. Food deliveries would cease to many areas. Supply lines would crater and millions of Americans would run out of money for basic expenses.

Looting and violent crime would likely explode in certain areas such as Los Angeles and Chicago. National Guard troops would have to be deployed there to maintain order. Entire US cities would find themselves under, essentially, military rule (with actual US military troops, not just Guard troops, sooner or later).

Even if the virus vanishes in 30 days of nationwide quarantine, we’d then wake up and find ourselves subjects under military rule with a November election looming. How to you reverse the military rule and get the troops off the streets when economic catastrophes might turn many US cities into disaster zones that require many months to stabilize? Will US citizens be asked to participate in the November election under the watch of military troops?

America-hating Leftists may use this opportunity to attempt an uprising

How will the Trump-hating radical Left behave when they think Trump has declared himself the military dictator ruler over America, just as they feared would happen from day one? It’s not difficult to imagine Antifa riots colliding with coronavirus epidemics in many left-wing cities. Actual street battles with rifle fire and Molotov cocktails, with mutating strains of a zombie virus thrown in for extra measure.

Some Leftists would likely even begin to weaponize the virus to attack government troops or police officers. We already see anti-Trump Leftists threatening to spread the coronavirus at Trump rallies in order to infect Trump supporters. Lunatic Leftists are already plotting scenarios to use the virus as a weapon.

So yes, a 3-4 week national lockdown quarantine would stop the virus if it could be successfully enforced. But it would unleash economic and civil hell across America, especially in the large, liberal cities where the coronavirus infections are the worst.

As you’ll note in this map, the areas where the virus is exploding right now are New York City, Boston, Seattle and the San Fran / Bay Area.

This map, courtesy of the New York Times, reveals the exact scenario I described nearly a month ago, on Feb. 16, in an article discussing why the coronavirus would hit the hardest in sanctuary cities.

The problem is that we can’t just quarantine those cities. Any effort to quarantine those particular cities would cause people to flee the very cities where the infections are the worst, effectively distributing the infections to neighboring cities and states at an accelerated rate.

Thus, the only “effective” method from a medical point of view is to lock down the entire country under martial law quarantine all at once. With little or no warning.

I’m not advocating this action, I’m just explaining this is what Trump officials are no doubt considering right now. It’s inevitable, actually. You either quarantine the entire country, or you end up watching literally millions of Americans die this summer.

If you don’t want millions to die, you have to lock it all down, Italy-style. That’s the realization that will sooner or later hit Trump.

Here’s today’s chart showing the rise of coronavirus cases in the USA. It’s beyond containment. One way or another, you have to stop the virus from replicating and turn this curve flat:

There are very few options for achieving that. All of them are bad options. Most of these options end the Trump presidency and might even end the republic.

BAD Option 1: Ignore the problem, call it a left-wing media hoax, pretend everything is awesome. Paper over the stock market fear with Fed liquidity. Around the end of May, the hospitals get overrun and people get sent home to die at much higher fatality rates. By end of July, millions are dead. Trump resigns before the November election and we get Joe Biden as President, to be replaced by VP Hillary Clinton. Clinton becomes the new President and America explodes into civil war, even as the pandemic is still raging. The nation collapses into death and disease, then gets overrun by an invasion of already-immune military troops from China.

BAD Option 2: Issue a 30-day “shelter in place” order, close the borders, halt all flights and quarantine the cities. Suspend the Constitution and risk uprising / civil war / patriot resistance or even left-wing resistance from anti-Trump Antifa groups. Throw troops at the problem and see America fall into full-blown street battles in US cities, all while the radical Left accuses Trump of being a power hungry military dictator. Mass starvation, civil unrest, and chaos will follow. In the best case scenario, America fractures into regional nation-states, and Trump is no longer the president of much of anything.

BAD Option 3: Let the virus just burn through the entire population in order to keep everybody working and protect the stock market. Lose up to 10% of the citizens, with the rest surviving as immune. (This is basically the China scenario.) Hospitals will be totally overrun, mass death and disease, suffering, huge human cost, etc. The Trump presidency probably ends in resignation for mishandling all this, as Trump is blamed for the tens of millions of deaths that eventually occur.

I fully realize that many Trump supporters are still suffering under the delusion that the coronavirus is a left-wing media hoax. So for them, there’s one more (delusional) option:

DELUSIONAL Option 4: The virus magically disappears and is no worse than the flu. Iran, China and Italy all spontaneously fess up and admit it was a staged false flag operation set up to play some sort of elaborate trick on somebody, involving the cremation of thousands of bodies in China alone. The WHO announces there is no coronavirus, and scientists reveal that PCR testing isn’t real science. All viruses vanish from planet Earth and we all live happily ever after in a virus-free utopia run by Trump who saved the day by refusing to kowtow to “fake news.”

Clearly, Delusional Option 4 is a pipe dream, but it’s the pipe dream that millions of Trump supporters are still clinging to. That won’t end well, obviously.

On a serious note, I don’t see very many possible scenarios here where Trump remains president and our constitutional republic remains intact. And since I’ve been spot-on correct about this virus from day one, it’s difficult to write off these concerns as uninformed or overly pessimistic.

Personally, I think this is the end of the Trump administration. As Stewart Rhodes said in the interview above, “Trump’s goose is cooked.”

If you care to have a laugh while the world collapses, check out what’s coming soon to a CDC-approved hospital near you (explicit):

Be sure to read to stay informed. We are one of the very few remaining indy media publishers that has a strong science background which allows us to accurately model the spread of this virus.

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