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The Health Ranger answers all your questions about covid-19 WITHOUT the politically-charged denialism: Lockdowns, death rates, masks and more

There’s so much disinformation and bad math being thrown around today about the coronavirus, it’s almost like we’re living in Idiocracy. Here’s a sample of some of the horrifically bad information being put out right now:

  • The communist-run W.H.O. initially denied the coronavirus could be transmitted among humans and denounced nations for threatening to block commercial air flights from China.
  • Some government officials claim that wearing masks increases the risk of infection and that masks don’t work (while they’re hoarding and confiscating all those masks for themselves).
  • Some conservative “journalists” (like David Knight) claim the regular flu kills 10% of those it infects, meaning they believe the regular flu kills 9,731 Americans each day. (The real number is just 94, so he’s off by a factor of around 100.)
  • A few prominent indy media people (claim the lockdowns weren’t necessary because not enough people died. Since the lockdowns worked to avert over two million deaths, they now claim lockdowns weren’t needed at all.

Yes, there’s a lot of horribly bad information swirling around, and sadly, most publishers are playing politics with the coronavirus. The pro-Trump publishers almost universally claim the pandemic isn’t real, or that the deaths are faked, or that the lockdowns weren’t necessary. Anti-Trump publishers, on the other hand, are now falsely claiming Trump is the only person who was late to react to the pandemic (in truth, Nancy Pelosi and a long list of other Democrats were also late to react).

Through all this, Natural News has emerged as one of the very few truly independent, non-biased publishers that’s covering the pandemic with mathematical accuracy and scientific literacy, bringing you critical analysis without political bias and rampant denialism found among some other publishers.

In this podcast, I answer all the most common questions about flu fatalities, lockdowns, masks, covid-19 and much more. It’s 40+ minutes of clarity and honesty about where we are and how we beat this pandemic without waiting around for a (toxic) vaccine:

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