MEDICAL FASCISM: JAMA suspends top editor for speaking out against left-wing lie of “systemic racism”

Despite the fact that there is hard data proving — not ‘suggesting’ but proving — there is no such thing as “systemic racism” being practiced by whites against minorities, the ‘woke’ left demands that everyone believe the lie or else suffer consequences.

And what would those consequences be? Public shaming. Loss of status. Loss of job. Loss of income. And no ability whatsoever to redeem oneself once he or she has been ‘banished from society.’

In 2021, nearly 150 years after our country outlawed systemic racism (slavery) and 60 years after further codifying the illegality of racism in the 1960s civil rights legislation, racism is still alive and well in America, only it’s not being practiced by whites. It’s being directed towards whites, because the left is pushing hard and fast to completely destroy our society so they can move in and rebuild it, Soviet-style, complete with demands for compliance and hard penalties for those who ‘disobey’ (like busting rocks for 20 years).

We saw another example of this abject tyranny last week when the once-prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suspended its top editor, Dr. Howard Bauchner, for ‘allowing’ another physician to push back on the systemic racism hoax.

“Structural racism is an unfortunate term,” said deputy editor Dr. Ed Livingston during a Feb. 24 podcast. “Personally, I think taking racism out of the conversation will help. Many people like myself are offended by the implication that we are somehow racist.”


JAMA then wrote in a tweet containing a link to the podcast, both of which have been deleted, “No physician is racist, so how can there be structural racism in health care?”

Let’s stop right there. Who wouldn’t get fed up with being called a racist when they’re not, and especially by people who don’t even know the person they’re labeling ‘racist’? Most people would, and apparently, Dr. Livingston is one of them.

But we can’t have that speaking power to truth thing in today’s Marxist America.

“The decision to place the editor-in-chief on administrative leave neither implicates nor exonerates individuals and is standard operating procedure for such investigations,” said the independent panel that manages JAMA in a statement, The New York Times reported.

As for Bauchner, he threw Livingston (and by default every other white American who is sick and tired of black and brown racists making their baseless accusations) under the bus.

“Racism and structural racism exist in the U.S. and in health care. After careful consideration, I determined that the harms caused by the podcast outweighed any reason for the podcast to remain available on the JAMA Network,” he wrote.

“I once again apologize for the harms caused by this podcast and the tweet about the podcast. We are instituting changes that will address and prevent such failures from happening again,” Bauchner added.

In a separate statement, Bauchner said, “The language of the tweet, as well as portions of the podcast, do not reflect my commitment as editorial leader of JAMA and JAMA Network to call out and discuss the adverse effects of injustice, inequity, and racism in medicine and society as JAMA has done for many years.”

Livingston has since reportedly resigned, because of course.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Dr. Raymond Givens, a Black cardiologist in New York, described JAMA’s removal of Bauchner as “a reasonable first step but it should not be seen as mission accomplished.”

“Without diversity, you don’t know what you don’t know,” Givens, long a critic of the lack of diversity among JAMA’s editors, added. “With such a non-diverse panel of people, you have all these blind spots that allow these podcasts to go from execution to publication without anybody saying, ‘Wait a minute, this is ill-advised.’”

Americans of all ethnicities have to begin pushing back on this toxic woke nonsense or our country will disintegrate into Balkanized regions of warring factions and we will cease to be a country, let alone the world’s premier superpower.

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