Bill Gates assembling a 3,000-person vaccine propaganda team to push more LIES and disinformation about vaccines being “safe and effective”

The stain glass windows of the holy Bill Gates temple are cracking. The so-called fact checkers, that have been deployed across social media, have failed to compel absolute worship of false narratives, have failed to indefinitely constrain the public’s beliefs, and have failed to force all people to worship harmful ideologies and false gods. As abusive covid-19 propaganda unwinds, the people are losing their trust in the institutions, losing their belief in a system of forced doctrine and mind control.

Yet, the wealthiest in the world (like Bill Gates) still get to determine which narratives are allowed on social media. Bill Gates just announced he will employ a 3,000 person unit (a vaccine propaganda team) to combat “misinformation” about vaccines. The term “misinformation” has already been used repeatedly to shut down, not only free speech, but also truthful, fact-based speech, real-life personal observations, and hard data that breaks from the norm and shatters the authority of the controlling, abusive narratives.

Bill Gates to pay thousands of people to propagate more lies and more pro-Bill Gates messaging

In a recent CNBC report, Bill Gates criticized Elon Musk for trying to bring back free speech on Twitter. “I kind of doubt that will happen this time, but we should have an open mind and never underestimate Elon,” Gates told CNBC. To counter the return of truthful speech, Bill Gates has decided to hire a new unit of 3,000 lackeys who will go onto social media platforms and put out more pro-vaccine narratives that Bill Gates NEEDS in order to christen his image and restore public faith in the institutions he controls.


Gates said his new unit will “help propagate accurate vaccine information in the future.” This Bill Gates thought control unit will flood social media with “good messages” from “people of trust in the community, such as political and ethnic leaders.”

In the interview, Gates was worried that Twitter would become a place where people say “vaccines kill people.” Gates doesn’t want people to talk about their vaccine injuries or mention the death of loved ones after they received a covid-19 vaccine. Facebook already deletes these groups and limits the spread of people talking about vaccine injuries.

Gates also didn’t want people to talk about surveillance and whether “Bill Gates is tracking people.” “How does he [Elon] feel about something [on Twitter] that says or that ‘Bill Gates is tracking people?’” Gates asked. “What are his goals for what it ends up being? Does that match this idea of less extreme falsehoods spreading so quickly [and] weird conspiracy theories? Does he share that goal or not?” Gates said.

During the past three years, the public learned about contact tracing, cell phone surveillance and the deprivation of their rights. Even the CDC recently admitted to using geolocation data to ensure that people were abiding by “stay at home” orders and not going to school or church.

Bill Gates desperately trying to control the court of public opinion

The Bill Gate’s-funded Gavi Vaccine Alliance and World Health Organization were made out to be the supreme authority over public health over the past three years. Bill Gates was routinely given a media platform to promote lock downs, school closures, forced masking and the endless, coercive administration of experimental vaccines. But as the population tires from oppression, and as the vaccines fail and prove lethal, the lock-down-loving, vaccine-pushing Bill Gates has nowhere to hide.

As his entire reputation shatters on the world stage, Bill Gates has only one option left. He can pay an army of people to propagate pro-Bill Gates messaging. He can pay thousands of people to rewrite history. He can pay thousands of propaganda pushers in the hopes that the masses will be brainwashed to believe that his abusive and deadly messages were what saved us all. The latest Bill Gates-funded unit will work like a team of lawyers, using false and misleading messages to manipulate the court of public opinion. Using these manipulation tactics, it seems Gates is trying to insulate himself from ever seeing the inside of an actual court room.

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