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Act of civil war? Biden regime cuts supply of life-saving monoclonal antibody in half, targeting red states

It’s no secret that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is a target of Democrats and especially the Biden regime.

The man has made a mockery of worthless, ridiculous COVID-19 pandemic mandates and restrictions that have not done anything to reduce the presence of the virus, but his state is not only thriving under his constitutional, pro-liberty approach, but he has always better protected the state’s high and vulnerable senior population, while a certain former Democratic governor in New York adopted a policy that many believe led to thousands of deaths.

But because DeSantis, who has been mentioned often as a potential 2024 Republican presidential favorite, has ridiculed the regime and its minions, the regime has now struck back in what could only be seen as a brazen act of civil war.

The Epoch Times reports:

The federal government slashed in half the number of doses of the monoclonal antibodies therapy shipped to Florida from 30,000 to 15,000 this week, according to Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

DeSantis said the 15,000 dozen received would be “immediately utilized to support new monoclonal antibody sites.”

“But for the federal government’s decision to restrict supply of monoclonal antibody treatment to Florida, my administration would have already opened additional monoclonal antibody treatment sites throughout the state,” DeSantis said in a press release.

DeSantis added that before the Biden regime “seized control of the monoclonal supply” the Sunshine State was administering 30,000 doses each week to needy, infected patients, adding that the treatment saved “countless lives.”


“The Biden Administration is still obstructing the state of Florida’s ability to manage our own supply of monoclonal antibodies and I will continue to seek additional doses for Floridians,” he said.

DeSantis correctly noted that the decision to cut Florida’s doses, which really does seem like an act of civil war against a state by the federal government — and one that will cost lives — is purely “political.”

“The federal government has cornered the entire market of monoclonal,” he said in a press conference on Jan. 3. “We’ve got the infrastructure in place. It’s just a matter of the federal government giving us more doses … for the Floridians who need it.”

DeSantis has asked the Florida legislature to earmark $1 billion to help combat the pandemic and provide monoclonal antibody treatments to all Floridians who need it.

However, because the federal government has an exclusive contract with the makers of the treatment, all others have been “locked out” from purchasing it.

“We will rapidly deploy the 15,000 doses that we now have secured,” he said. “The Biden Administration commandeered the supply and distribution of monoclonal antibodies following Florida’s successful deployment of the treatment last summer and drastically cut shipments of the treatments to the state.”

In an interview with Fox News host Mark Levin in recent days, DeSantis further addressed the Biden regime’s targeting of his state. The host began the segment noting that Biden and his top medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, as well as the media, have avoided talking about the treatment option before asking the popular governor whether the omission was a “grave disservice to the American people and the health care system.”

“I think when you look back at how the pandemic was handled there will be a whole host of cardinal sins but some of the chief ones will be the school closures, kids are locked out of school for over a year, we have schools closed now in parts of the country, unbelievably,” the Florida Republican said.

“The extended lockdowns, the lockdowns were a disaster, but not focusing on treatment from the very beginning was a huge mistake and Fauci and people like him are absolutely to blame for this and so, once we did get these treatments online through the private sector, to ignore them and to put all your eggs in one basket was a fundamental mistake,” he added.

“Now the question is, Biden did mention it once, he mentioned it after, right before they cut our supply, he said we’re gonna ramp up monoclonal antibodies and then he turns around and cuts the supply, we’ve not seen the ramp-up, he had months and months after this was demonstrated to be effective, to be ready for this and we haven’t seen that,” DeSantis added.

“I don’t think they’re ultimately gonna embrace it, I think that they just have tunnel vision in terms of how they want to handle this, it hasn’t worked, obviously.”

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