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Dying man refused right to try ivermectin, put on ventilator in a hospital that REFUSES to administer treatments that work

The lunacy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is never-ending and has even turned deadly, as evidenced by a case in Florida involving the refusal by a hospital — and a federal court — to allow a dying man the right to try a treatment that could save his life.

According to The Epoch Times, a Florida family has been fighting to get ‘permission’ for a loved one stuck on a ventilator an alternative COVID-19 treatment, but they keep losing battles, the latest in the state’s First District Court of Appeal.

The outlet notes that the wife and son of Daniel Pisano began their fight with Mayo Clinic Florida during a Dec. 30 emergency hearing before the state’s Fourth Judicial Circuit after begging doctors and staff to treat Pisano, who has been on a ventilator for more than a month, with the drug ivermectin as well as a combination of other drugs and supplements that are “part of a protocol recommended by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).”

But hospital staff refused, so the family made an emergency request, asking for an injunction against the Mayo Clinic to allow Pisano to be treated with the protocol by an outside doctor. However, Judge Marianne Aho refused their request, so the family appealed.

On Jan. 14, however, Aho’s denial was upheld by Florida’s First District Court of Appeal, with a panel of three judges, all appointed by Republican governors, ruling unanimously.

“An opinion of this Court explaining its reasoning will follow,” the trio of judges wrote in their ruling. 


Jeff Childers, an attorney for the family, remarked after the ruling: “So we wait to see what that looks like unless it takes too long.”

The Epoch Times notes:

Seventy-year-old Daniel Pisano doesn’t have unlimited time, says Eduardo Balbona, M.D., an independent doctor in Jacksonville who’s been advising the family since they reached out to him while researching other treatments that could potentially help their loved one.

Balbona, who has been monitoring Pisano’s treatment at the Mayo Clinic through an online portal, testified on behalf of the Pisano family in the first hearing.

Ivermectin has been deemed “controversial” but by the same lying media outlets that have suppressed other useful information regarding treatments for COVID-19 that do not include a dangerous, experimental vaccine. But because our ‘mainstream healthcare system’ gets its marching orders from ‘mainstream’ organizations like the American Medical Association, the same group that embraces race-based medicine and mediocracy over achievement, then any treatment outside of their mandates is considered verboten.

And courts generally tend to go along with the ‘mainstream’ even if it means allowing a patient to die who otherwise might not.

“The Mayo Clinic has argued that the treatment plan doesn’t fit with the hospital’s standard protocol for treating COVID-19 patients and they don’t know what the effects of following Balbona’s recommendations would be,” The Epoch Times reported. “The hospital has told the family that Pisano has a less-than-five percent chance of survival, and all that’s left to do is wait and see if he recovers on the ventilator.

“The family has begged the Mayo Clinic to simply step aside and let Balbona try what he thinks could work. But the Mayo Clinic doesn’t allow outside doctors to treat patients,” the outlet continued.

Or to allow in-house doctors to think and act on their own instinct and volition, apparently.

Balbona says that he has used ivermectin, as well as the FLCCC protocol, successfully, with some minor modifications, “dozens and dozens” of times on patients who became very sick with the novel coronavirus.

And the thing is, Balbona is not alone in his belief that ivermectin works along with the combination of drugs and supplements used in the protocol. For nearly two years, other well-educated, experienced providers have testified that the drug and the combo work.

But of course, they don’t cost a lot of money and are not making big pharma CEOs billionaires.

When our healthcare and legal systems would let a man die rather than allow his own family to opt for another treatment however unconventional, then it’s time for a major reset.

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