Medical violence: Mississippi hospitals victimize cancer patient with draconian COVID protocols

Mississippi resident Wendy Heineck joined “The Stew Peters Show” to share how draconian Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) hospital protocols worsen her cancer-stricken husband’s condition.

“Heineck’s husband is battling stage four cancer right now. He’d have a much better shot right now though, if not for the policies enacted by the Mississippi Department of Health which caused delays of almost two months in his treatment. [She] says that her husband is on the brink of death not because of his stage four cancer or COVID-19, but because of all these COVID policies that are still in place and prevent effective treatment,” said program host Stew Peters.

Heineck then talked about the ordeal she and her husband underwent as soon as they sought medical treatment. Despite his potential cancer diagnosis, Heineck’s husband was still required to get a COVID-19 test as it was required before they could transfer to a hospital with an oncology unit.

“He actually happened to test positive despite having no clinical symptoms of it. He had no fever, no cough at that time, nothing like that. Even with his few days of hospitalizations, he never showed those signs,” she said.

The positive COVID-19 test result meant that her husband would have to isolate, which meant that they could not see an oncologist or get into any cancer treatment procedures for 10 days. Heineck remained COVID-negative throughout, while her husband finished the quarantine period and managed to see an oncologist on Jan. 26. But even though he finished isolating and had already recovered, complete with a negative test result, he was still tagged as COVID-positive in the system.


Heineck told Peters: “There was a glitch, and they couldn’t take [the positive tag] out. My concern was: ‘[You might] give him the wrong drugs … when we’re trying to treat cancer if you have this open in there.’ They can’t take it out, they don’t know where it’s coming from. All they could do was put in there the date that he had tested positive for COVID. They could not put him as recovered.” (Related: Stew Peters slams medical violence in the hospital system – Brighteon.TV.)

Blood from vaxxed people causing more harm than good

Heineck’s husband was not injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. Despite this, he was suffering from serious reactions similar to those seen in vaccinated individuals – blood clots first and foremost among them – thanks to the blood transfusions he was having.

According to Heineck, people injected with the COVID-19 vaccine are allowed to donate blood following her talks with two blood suppliers. “They accept blood from donors that are vaccinated. One of the services can accept it for somebody who has not been running a fever for 24 hours if they have had COVID-19.”

Her husband has had 22 units of blood since Jan. 10. Given that some of it came from vaccinated persons, his oncologist discovered an autoimmune issue in his body.

“There’s something else going on that’s causing it. When they try to [draw] his blood to do [lab tests], it’s so clotted it’s not even funny. It’s like they can’t even pull it out of his veins. They’re getting blood clots in the labs [that] they had to throw the last ones out and re-draw [blood] again and again.”

Heineck’s story about blood clotting to the point of becoming solid shared similarities to what embalmer Richard Hirschman discovered. The board-certified funeral director noted seeing arteries and veins becoming clogged with long, fibrous clots. The blockages in deceased individuals who got injected with the COVID-19 vaccine were unlike anything he had ever seen before in his more than two decades as an embalmer, Hirschman said.

The embalmer told Brighteon.TV host Dr. Jane Ruby that he first saw the phenomenon in mid-2021 and that it has since become increasingly prevalent in the bodies he handled.

Watch the conversation between Stew Peters and Wendy Heineck below.

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