California-based advocacy group says covid vaccine mandate for pilots violates federal law, puts passengers at risk

Forcing commercial airline pilots to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in order to keep their jobs is a violation of federal law, says the California-based advocacy group Advocates for Citizens’ Rights (ACR).

In a letter that was hand-delivered to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Department of Transportation (DoT), the Department of Justice (DoJ), and the CEOs and legal counsel of major airline carriers including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines, ACR presented data showing that the jabs are causing pilots to get sick and die, which puts passengers at risk.

Last summer, by the way, we reported that four pilot deaths that occurred within the employee ranks at British Airways were also linked to the injections.

The letter, which was sent back in December but that just now became public, outlines the fact that pilots everywhere, including in the military and general aviation, have suffered injuries and adverse events due to the injections, and in some cases have had to stop flying entirely.

The following claims were also included in the letter:

  • Federal regulations prohibit pilots who receive certain non-FDA-approved medical products, including covid injections, from flying.
  • Covid injections cause abnormal health conditions such as heart damage and blood clotting, potentially leading to stroke or cardiac arrest, that are exacerbated at high altitudes.
  • Some pilots have suffered serious injury or death after getting injected for covid.
  • The health risks involved with jabbing pilots include potentially catastrophic events such as a plane crash, not to mention significant legal and monetary liabilities for the government, insurers and airlines.
  • The federal government knows full well about all of these risks based on complaints filed with various agencies, but nothing has been done.


The letter’s signatories include Children’s Health Defense (CHD) chairman and chief legal counsel Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; CHD general counsel Mary Holland; People’s Court of Public Opinion attorney and co-founder Reiner Fuellmich; and numerous other doctors, medical practitioners and lawyers.

Both civilian and military pilots who got jabbed are now suffering from health damage

ACR attorney Leigh Taylor Dundas, the letter’s lead signatory, spoke with The Defender about the letter, revealing that products like covid injections that are authorized under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the Food and Drug Administration are not fully approved, and thus cannot be mandated.

“Our government has a long history, even with approvals and releases of products … of getting it wrong,” Dundas explained. “Witness thalidomide, DDT, all sorts of things like that.”

“As a former environmental attorney and now staunch defender of basic human rights and civil liberties … I get contacted a fair amount by concerned individuals from all walks of life. I was aware from things I had been hearing at conferences … that the inoculation was presenting severe and sometimes fatal issues to those who took it.”

Dundas further claims that she has spoken to high-ranking surgeons and other personnel in the military who were seeing first-hand the severe incidents of injury that were occurring in pilots who got jabbed.

Both military and civilian pilots, she discovered, are suffering the same horrific outcomes post-injection. And yet the official data is being manipulated or altered to make it seem like things are mostly normal.

“At the same time, I was becoming aware of similar incidents in the civilian pilot population,” Dundas said.

“So, the combination of the two made me sort of pull the string and try to determine if not only was the vaccination causing an increase generally of disease and fatalities among those who took it, but if perhaps [these adverse reactions were] due to the unique combination of pilots being at altitude for long periods of time.”

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