Pfizer quietly admits it will NEVER manufacture FDA-approved Comirnaty injection for covid

Remember late last summer when pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced that its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” had received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? It turns out that the whole thing was a hoax.

Comirnaty, as the company calls the FDA-approved version of its covid injection, does not exist and never will, we now know. It only exists on paper, and the shots still being dispensed are Pfizer’s emergency use authorization (EUA) version, which is legally distinct and not the same as Comirnaty.

Pfizer is quietly admitting to this with changes it just made on the company website. Up until recently, the company claimed that Comirnaty was soon to come once all of the EUA injection stocks are depleted. Now, however, the company is saying that there are no plans to ever produce Comirnaty.

“At present, Pfizer does not plan to produce any product with these new NDCs and labels over the next few months while EUA authorized product is still available and being made available for U.S. distribution,” Pfizer’s website now reads.

“As such, the CDC, AMA, and drug compendia may not publish these new codes until Pfizer has determined when the product will be produced with the BLA labels.”

Pfizer just might take the prize from Monsanto as the world’s most evil corporation

In May, Pfizer updated its statement to at least mention Comirnaty, which was licensed in December of 2021. Just last week, however, Pfizer admitted to the fact that Comirnaty will never actually be manufactured, let alone dispensed into any arms.


“Pfizer received initial FDA BLA license on 8/23/2021 for its COVID-19 vaccine for use in individuals 16 and older (COMIRNATY),” the company says. “At that time, the FDA published a BLA package insert that included the approved new COVID-19 vaccine tradename COMIRNATY and listed 2 new NDCs (0069-1000-03, 0069-1000-02) and images of labels with the new tradename.”

“These NDCs will not be manufactured. Only NDCs for the subsequently BLA approved tris-sucrose formulation will be produced.”

The difference between the originally approved formulation and the tris-sucrose formulation is that the latter, according to Pfizer, can be stored for a much longer period of time outside of an ultra-cold freezer. Said freezers are extremely expensive and require a lot of energy to run.

We also now know that Pfizer’s clinical trials were conducted on the version of the shots without the modified tris-sucrose ingredient. The significance of this remains unknown, but it is a distinction worth noting.

In order to continue requiring American servicemen to take Pfizer’s mRNA injections, the federal government must at least order some Comirnaty vials, even if they never actually arrive.

The Dossier is advising people interested in tracking this whole saga to be on the lookout for more sleight of hand by the likes of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which just quietly removed language from its website about Comirnaty “not (being) orderable at this time.”

“I called Pfizer awhile back and asked them for vaccine locations dispensing Comirnaty. They said there were none,” wrote a reader of The Dossier.

“I received this information in an email follow up of my phone call. I knew the answer before I asked it, but I wanted proof for anyone who didn’t believe me! Total bait and switch!”

Another responded that this is par for the course as far as Pfizer’s business practices, seeing as how the drug giant has already had to fork out some $4.7 billion in cumulative fines over the years due to endless lawsuits over fraud and dangerous products.

“Fines, no matter how high the cost, simply mean legal for a fee,” noted another about how $4.7 billion, as big as that sounds, is only a fraction of what Pfizer has raked in over the years in ill-gotten profits.

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