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When the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began in 2020, doctors such as Pierre Kory and Paul Marik treated patients with steroids, ivermectin and vitamin C. But these doctors, who effectively saved lives, were canceled by the World Health Organization (WHO) and government agencies despite patients dying by the thousands.

Kory testified in front of the U.S. Senate in May 2020 about adopting the use of steroids to contain the COVID-19 virus. Despite the positive outcomes of his treatments, he was shut down and disallowed to continue his treatment plan in favor of waiting for experimental vaccines using never-before-tested mRNA technology.

In the June 15 episode of “Refounding America” on Brighteon.TV, host Peter Breggin and guest Michael Capuzzo talked about COVID-19 treatments in the early days of the pandemic.

“Ivermectin got more evidence for being helpful to people who are sick, and it is generally agreed upon that hydroxychloroquine is very, very good for the early stages of the disease,” Capuzzo said. In the first four or five days of the disease, when people get fever and cough, ivermectin produced positive results when administered in patients.

On the other hand, hydroxychloroquine is better for use as early treatment. That has become part of the ruse: so-called experts only tested it on already very sick patients, and not when the doctors recommend it. They purposefully poisoned sick patients and then told doctors to never use the drug.

Mainstream media outlets, which are connected to Big Pharma companies, picked up the story of doctors poisoning their patients with hydroxychloroquine. (Related: Dr. Robert Malone vows to resist vaccine mandate for children, talks about the Great Reset.)


Suppression of effective drugs paves way for EUA of COVID-19 vaccines

Capuzzo said those drugs were suppressed to pave the way for the Food and Drug Administration‘s (FDA) emergency use authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines.

“They can’t put the EUA into effect if they have one effective treatment that doctors can use. This means that they can’t move billions of dollars to drug companies to create vaccines for their globalist agenda as they move toward the ‘Great Reset,'” he explained.

Big Pharma and their investors could lose a lot of money if FDA-approved drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are used to treat COVID-19 patients.

The vaccines are not safe and only result in mass murder. Children, who are almost immune from the disease, are dying after getting their shots.

“I think the reason for that is their ultimate aim is to make us submissive. [They want to know] if they can get mothers and fathers to sacrifice their children for drugs,” Capuzzo said.

“If the parents listened or looked a little bit, they would learn the kids are not in danger of dying. You can have parties to get the disease and they would get a better immunity than they would ever get from the vaccines.” (Related: World Economic Forum wants to take advantage of coronavirus to enact “the Great Reset.“)

Authorities previously went through this kind of problem with the AIDS pandemic, where they kept saying that affected individuals should wait for the vaccine because there are no treatments. A lot of people died from bacterial pneumonia that went with immune deficiency diseases, and these people could have been saved.

Mainstream media and authorities like Anthony Fauci are trying to fool the world yet again.

Watch the full June 15 episode of “ReFounding America” below.

“ReFounding America” with Peter Breggin airs every Wednesday at 6-7 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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