Health Ranger Report: Cancer cases up by 1000% since COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Jonathan Landsman tells Mike Adams

In a recent guesting on the “Health Ranger Report,” Natural health expert Jonathan Landsman told host Mike Adams that cancer cases have increased by 1,000 percent post-Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine era.

“That’s why every single one of these integrative health care providers is talking about exploding rates of cancer,” Landsman said. “These clots are actually very much related to causing this increase in cancer rates.” (Related: EXPERTS: Some cancers have exploded by 1,000% since the release of covid “vaccines.”)

Landsman said the spike proteins from mRNA vaccines are causing tremendous damage in the body because they are attaching and decreasing the ACE2 receptor expression.

“These spike proteins are spreading and infecting all the cells in the body. This is allowing those infections to attach to the outside of the cell, and then inject themselves inside the cell, causing organ damage and severe illness … and is especially increasing the risk of advanced-stage cancers,” he explained.

Adams added that the claim the COVID-19 shots stay in the injection site is a hoax as these mRNA instructions end up penetrating the heart, lung, spleen, vascular and brain cells. “These mRNA instructions are everywhere in the body where they’re not supposed to be.”

Worse, the mainstream media is still lying to people and telling the public not to worry about this mRNA technology. “It’s absolute lies. People have been wondering why others who got the shot all of a sudden get cancer and people that were in remission get their cancers back and this time, very aggressively,” Landsman said.


Glyphosate intensifies damage brought by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to the human body

Elsewhere in the show, the Health Ranger shared to Landsman what he and renowned molecular biologist Dr. Judy Mikovits talked about during the latter’s recent appearance on the “Health Ranger Report.”

“She told me that glyphosate in the blood potentiates the penetration of the mRNA into the cells. So [it’s] because of the presence of glyphosate,” Adams said. “One of the explanations for why some people may be more damaged than others could be the presence of glyphosate from eating non-organic foods.”

Landsman added that glyphosate, a widely used herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds and grasses, is present in processed wheat products. “If you’re on these kinds of products, and you take one of these shots, you are in serious trouble, and you need to stop right away,” he warned.

“A poor lifestyle is making the cells more permeable in a negative way. All these comorbidities, the poor health that people are in and then they flood their bodies with these experimental shots with some false hope that it’s going to protect them from some infection, this is not the logic that’s well grounded in good science.”

He also pointed out that whatever people put in their mouth is very important. “The sicker the digestive system is, the higher the risk you have to any toxins that you’re exposed to. Then on top of that, you throw the shots in and people are truly playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette,” he said.

The two also tackled how people are being coerced to take the shots.

Landsman cited a world-class tennis player who pulled out of a big event just before the U.S. Open because he got dizzy and can’t breathe. The athlete had to take the injection to get into the U.S. and be able to play in the event.

Adams, on the other hand, reminded the listeners that the best way to deal with COVID-19 is not to just accept the vaccine mandates but to trust real science, the good science that is not sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

“This is about us all getting back to trusting and having a strong faith in our own ability to take care of ourselves and the ones that we love with good food, good healthy attitudes, positivity, the right mindset, good emotional wellness, getting outside into the sunshine becoming more active getting grounded,” he said.

Visit for more news about cancer causes and rising cancer rates.

Watch the full segment of “Health Ranger Report” below.

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