CDC is about to add covid-19 vaccines to the childhood immunization schedule, creating total liability protection for Pfizer & Moderna

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is moving quickly to add the covid-19 jabs to the ever-expanding, childhood vaccine schedule. The committee will be taking a vote on October 19, 2022, with public comments accepted by the 20th.

Anyone who has ever dealt with ACIP knows that their vote and their discussion is all for show. They ignore any data that disproves the efficacy and safety of a vaccine in question. Therefore, their vote on recommending the covid-19 vaccines for children is nothing more than a formality, — a façade — because the committee has a long history of pushing out needless, experimental and dangerous vaccines on helpless, non-consenting childhood populations.

ACIP has a history of ignoring public comment and dismissing vaccine injuries. The normalization of myocarditis in children is now a sad reality, as vaccine manufacturers ram their poisons into children and use doctors as pawns in a sick and predatory, for-profit system.

The latest ACIP meeting will also include biased discussions on the use of new vaccines in the childhood and adults’ vaccine schedules, including respiratory syncytial virus vaccines, dengue vaccines and chikungunya vaccines. The meeting will also discuss expanding influenza vaccines, pneumococcal vaccines and meningococcal vaccines.

CDC moves quickly to secure permanent liability protections for disastrous covid-19 vaccines

The sadism of the situation is further compounded by the blood that these agencies and vaccine manufacturers already have on their hands. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) must act quickly to secure permanent liability protections for these failed experiments. Once the jabs are placed on the childhood vaccine schedule, they will be protected by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). This act eliminates all financial liability of the vaccine manufacturers — facilitating vaccine injury claims through a kangaroo, taxpayer-funded system run by a Court of Federal Claims and special masters.


For over thirty years, the NCVIA has ensured a stable supply of harmful vaccines that are never tested for safety and efficacy — vaccines that are never improved upon — vaccines that are immune from ever being removed from the market. The NCVIA has been a curse, a stranglehold on the American population for over thirty years, and it will be the route that the vaccine industry uses to make their liability protections permanent for covid-19 vaccines.

For Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, this process must happen quickly, for the “pandemic emergency” and its liability protections will have to end soon. The American people are demanding an end to the pandemic emergency declaration. With the emergency powers ending, the vaccine manufacturers and hospitals will need to have a new way to evade financial and legal liability for their compounding medical errors and vaccine injuries.

Make no mistake: the CDC is looking again to grant blanket immunity to vaccine manufacturers at the expense of children’s health.

Vaccine manufacturers seeking mandated revenues for covid-19 vaccines, forcing them onto children

The vaccine manufacturers must get these covid-19 jabs on the childhood schedule because it will also ensure continuous revenue going forward. The CDC’s vaccine schedule is used as an authoritarian science to coerce state legislators to draft laws that violate parental rights and force children to submit to an ever-expanding list of needless pharmaceutical products. These school vaccine mandates ensure steady revenue for the vaccine manufacturers, forcing parents to submit to needless vaccines or else they must beg for religious exemptions and medical exemptions after their child has been harmed. To make matters worse, these religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions are threatened every year at the state level, and many important exemptions have already been written out of the statutes across the United States, as vaccine manufacturers force their poison on the population, without any recourse, without any remorse at all.

So far, the public comments on the CDC’s website are 100 percent against the covid-19 vaccine being put on the childhood vaccine schedule. More Americans are beginning to question the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule as a whole, as historic malfeasance, fraud and vaccine injuries shed a light on the arrogant, mafia-style operations at the ACIP and CDC.

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