The Alex Jones Show: Rise of medical technocracy leads to widespread fearmongering

Dr. Lee Merritt joined guest host Kate Dalley in a recent episode of “The Alex Jones Show” on InfoWars to talk about the rise of medical technocracy in the United States. Along with it comes widespread fearmongering.

“It was especially evident at the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. “There’s been a lot of fearmongering in the world lately,” Merritt said.

And it’s not just in the medical field – she cited government leaders claiming without proof that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be releasing nuclear weapons to gain a foothold on his country’s war with Ukraine.

That same tactic has been used with the SARS-CoV-2 and monkeypox viruses. Merritt pointed out that these are false flags the government tried to use to keep people scared. “They keep coming up with more pandemic narratives,” she said.

Currently, public health officials are trying to bring back the COVID-19 variant narrative. But that particular narrative is becoming less believable.

“A variant that strikes the world for a month. I mean, what?” Merritt said. “I don’t think a lot of people are believing the return of the COVID-19 cases and many want to say that this is all a conspiracy – and they could be right.”

Delta and omicron may not mean much, but they are represented by symbols. And the global elites love their symbols, Merritt noted. “My point is that this is all symbolic and fearmongering. And everything they do is to divide us and to keep us afraid and keep us separated,” she added.


Merritt also mentioned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data indicating that there had been over 18 million vaccine injuries in the U.S. alone. The CDC now has to release the data by court order because the agency is not giving out this type of information.

Dalley noted that people seem to be getting strangled by all the news coming out about the vaccines and all of their dangers, hinting that this could be by design to keep people separated in their actions. (Related: ReFounding America with Dr. Peter Breggin: Censorship is key to control public opinion and people – Brighteon.TV.)

Vaccine mandates divide America

President Joe Biden has been known to use vaccine mandates to spook the vaccine-hesitant into getting the jab.

At the beginning of the outbreak, Americans were assured that they were all in it together and that the pandemic will instill a sense of collective responsibility. However, it now seems that the U.S. is entering a new age of political divide that is evident in the drastic policies between red and blue states, with the latter repeatedly trying to exclude the unvaccinated from public life.

The inconsistencies over the various vaccine mandates – supposedly to protect the public from the pandemic – have become a new mode of liberal technocratic governance that is driven by partisanship rather than calm neutrality and rational calculation.

During the COVID-19 era, the Biden administration and its state-level allies pushed for mandates to justify the severity of actions that the crisis required. These mandates are often difficult to enforce, but they remain despite failing to achieve their objectives to demonstrate a moral commitment to the desired outcome.

When mandates fail to achieve the desired results, those who don’t follow the rules get the blame and not those who imposed them.

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Watch this episode of “The Alex Jones Show” with guest host Kate Dalley and Dr. Lee Merritt.

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