What would a Nuremberg 2.0 look like in response to covid?

It will probably never happen, but if an international tribunal convened to question everyone linked to the covid scamdemic about what they knew and how they were involved, what would it look like?

The following questions are among those that Tablet Magazine and Brownstone Institute contributor Michael P. Senger believes should be asked at a Nuremberg 2.0-style hearing:

1) Why were “measures to increase social distance” adopted as official policy by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2004, despite nearly all epidemiological guidance prior to that having never included it?

2) Why was the concept of “lockdown” exported to Liberia and Sierra Leone a decade later?

3) Why do some intelligence reports suggest that Western national security officials knew about covid circulating in the fall of 2019 prior to its official unveiling several months later?

4) If some national security officials knew about covid in the fall of 2019, how could these same officials also have believed that China’s two-month lockdown in Wuhan several months later successfully eliminated covid?

5) When the World Health Organization (WHO) got involved in January 2020, why did the United Nations arm decide to recreate these lockdowns across the rest of the world, starting in Italy?

6) Why were lockdowns ever even a thing, seeing as how they had already been ruled out as necessary in the pandemic plans of nearly every developed nation?

7) Why, several months later in February 2020, were health security officials still talking about “curfews of indefinite duration” as being necessary to stymie the virus?


8) Why was the current Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Avril Haines, seen sitting next to China’s CDC director, George Gao, at the Event 201 simulation held by Bill Gates in October 2019, just weeks before covid was officially unveiled?

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There are many covid scamdemic questions without answers

Senger also wants to know:

9) How was former White House COVID Coordinator Deborah Birx chosen for her position, especially since she has repeatedly made conflicting statements about how she got it?

10) Who is responsible for spreading all those fake videos of Chinese people dropping in streets and convulsing, which were used to push the covid narrative all around the world?

11) Why is there no record of Li Wenliang, China’s “hero doctor,” existing prior to his sudden appearance in Chinese state media at the end of January 2020 – and why did nearly all Western media unquestioningly adopt his claims as true?

12) How is it possible for covid to have come from a lab in Wuhan when high-level scientific officials patently declared that it is “molecularly impossible” for covid to have come from such a facility?

13) Who was responsible for advising Western leaders to use military-grade propaganda on their own people to push covid fear?

14) Who was behind the massive bot and astroturfing campaigns that were used to popularize lockdowns and mask mandates throughout the West in March 2020?

15) Why were all credible concerns about famine, human rights disasters, and economic collapse stemming from the scamdemic ignored?

16) Why was the idea of natural immunity to covid ignored or stifled for as long as it was?

17) Why were outdoor spaces like public parks and beaches systematically closed?

18) Who decided that it was proper to move still-sick patients into nursing homes, which killed thousands?

19) Why were remdesivir and midazolam so heavily pushed as covid remedies when it was clear that they were dangerous and did not work?

Be sure to read the rest of Senger’s questions on Twitter.

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