Doctors and nurses everywhere now admitting Covid masks do NOT work, so it WAS part of the scamdemic and communist manifesto all along

What happened to “follow the science?” Walk into just about any doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital in America right now and they are not requiring visitors, patients, doctors, or nurses to wear Covid masks anymore, and ask them why and they say, “because they don’t really work.” According to NIH and a huge international study of peer-reviewed mask research, nearly all Covid masks are USELESS against infection and transmission of viruses.

They’re all admitting it now, and since they’re all wrong about the masks, couldn’t they also have been wrong about the JAB? The Covid cult has caved to their own concocted conspiracy theories, but for so many, it’s too late, as they’ve already been injected several times with cell-mutation “technology” that could wreck their health for good. Was it all just politics and population control?

Subservient American allopathic masses just do what they are told by the communists and globalists, but how far will they go?

The Fauci cult was “all in” with the bunk mandates for the scamdemic, including lockdowns, social distancing, masking, vaccinations, boosters, Remdesivir, ventilators, and using the unvaccinated as scapegoats for every sickness and death. It was like a modern-day Holocaust, but ironically, the persecutors are the victims this time around. Do they now realize what’s happening to them? Now that they realize the whole mask thing was a scam, do they realize the spike-protein-prion jabs were a scam too? Remember, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.


Now, peer-reviewed, comprehensive research of more than 75 mask studies as part of a meta-analysis, with randomized controlled trials, proves the masks have always been next-to-useless. Natural health advocates and truth media have been calling this out since day one. Any time MSM (fake news), all of social media, the medical industrial complex, and the vaccine industrial complex (VIC) go all in on a narrative, one can be nearly 100% sure it’s all bunk, and meant to destroy lives, take away human rights, and further wreck the Republic.

Plus, now that Washington DC is run by communists, it’s obvious that the Covid masks were part of the communist manifesto “play book,” where all of the populace must look alike, have no culture, no personality, no money, no business, and no health freedom. So instead of standing up for their rights and health freedom, the majority of Americans caved in or were brainwashed into wearing bacteria-breeding masks that cause false-positive PCR tests, that fed the scamdemic fuel for a bigger disaster.

Are doctors, nurses, and patients now upset they were fooled and told to “follow the science” that did not exist?

The most ironic part of the whole scamdemic is that the people in charge of healthcare in this country realize now that they were conned by faked science and Fauci lies, yet they don’t seem upset or disturbed by it at all. They’re just brushing it off like a little mistake somebody somewhere made, and it’s back to business as usual. Wait, what? This is not some little surgical error where a dermatologist removed the wrong mole, or a nurse gave somebody the wrong pain reliever.

This is a full-blown national crisis, where people are being misdiagnosed for a pandemic, treated with deadly medications, suffocated to death with ventilators, and injected with the most dangerous “vaccines” ever created. Hundreds of millions of people around the world lost their jobs because of a faked pandemic. Millions of healthcare workers condemned anyone who did not follow suit in wearing a useless mask, getting deadly spike protein injections, and keeping six feet away from each other (fake herd theory also blown out of the water).

Are we all supposed to just accept them saying “oops, sorry about that?” It’s time for lawsuits and persecutions of the guilty. Hitler’s “yes men” were not allowed to just claim they were “just following orders” after the Holocaust. How is this any different? As it turns out, “just follow the science” means just bow down to population reduction by vaccine mandates.

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