Susan Swift condemns woke narrative that abortion is “healthcare” and “necessary to save women”

Pro-life activist Susan Swift has condemned the narrative floated by the Left that abortion is “healthcare” and “necessary to save women.”

“Abortion is never healthcare and never necessary to save a women’s life. But that’s what the abortion cartel makes money on,” she told the Health Ranger Mike Adams during her appearance on the “Health Ranger Report.” She added: “They sell it as a product to desperate young women who are afraid and it is marketed that way.”

According to Swift, who serves as the vice president of legal affairs at the California-based Right to Life League, pro-abortion groups have brainwashed women into believing that a baby will ruin their lives and prevent them from achieving their dreams.

“All of that is a lie. Because what it does is, it informs their choice to kill a baby for their own convenience,” Swift said. Swift also pointed out that the ideologues behind abortion are pushing a very Marxist trope, because it is designed to divide and alienate a mother from her child still in the womb through the act of murder.

Adams concurred with his guest, remarking that abortion should not even be dubbed as “women’s reproductive health” because it is very misleading.

“It’s not reproductive, it’s anti-reproductive. It’s not about the health of the unborn children; its about their death. So maybe it should be called ‘women’s anti-reproductive death,'” he said. The Natural News and founder added that the cartels pushing for abortion use lots of mind games, censorship and threats of violence against their pro-life opponents.


“I find it quite fitting, because they want to murder their own babies and want to commit violence against those who wish to protect those babies from being murdered. It’s actually consistent; they are philosophically indebted to violence.”

Aborted babies are found in the food supply via biosludge

Swift cited a 2014 study done by the Guttmacher Institute that found about 74 percent of women who opted for abortion did so because they believed they had no other choice. Eight years after the study, abortion in the U.S. has only ramped up.

“This is what the future of abortion is: You can literally pick up the phone or Google ‘abortion pill near me’ and you can find these places that will just prescribe the pill to you. You don’t even have to see a doctor and no one’s going to date your pregnancy,” she lamented. “This is about the convenient disposal of human beings and it’s being marketed as healthcare.” (Related: Angela Stanton-King urges people to set aside differences and unite against abortion, child mutilation – Brighteon.TV.)

Adding another horrifying layer to the issue, Adams said people could be indirectly eating aborted babies. The do-it-yourself chemical abortion procedures that involve taking in pills to induce labor and allow women to “give birth” result in the aborted fetuses being flushed down the toilet.

The Health Ranger recounted the movie “Biosludged,” which he did in partnership with former Environmental Protection Agency whistleblower Dr. David Lewis.

“We live in a country where quite literally dead babies are spread as fertilizer on farms that grow the food that people eat in the cities where they promote abortion,” Adams told his guest. “We found out in talking with scientists that every city in America takes the sludge – human feces and everything is flushed down the toilets – dry it and distribute it on food farms all over the country,”

Adams explained how America is heading toward cannibalism. “People advocating abortion seem to be completely oblivious to what happens next. How can people not understand that it doesn’t just vanish because you flushed it down the toilet?”

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Watch the full episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams and Susan Swift below.

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