Doctors can no longer question anything the vaccine industry calls “science” or they get targeted for de-licensing by Dr. Richard “Misinformation” Baron

It has been revealed that a medical board chief who wants to de-license doctors that oppose the Biden regime’s radical COVID agenda happens to be represented by the same PR firm as Pfizer, Moderna and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

President and CEO of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Dr. Richard Baron has publicly targeted doctors since 2021 that he believes have spread “misinformation” about COVID and vaccines. Baron, by way of the ABIM, has successfully revoked licenses from doctors across the country for as little as less-than-100% support for COVID-19 vaccines. Baron expressed his dictatorial authority in a blog post on the ABIM website where he said, “I want to state unequivocally that ABIM can and does take action, independent of state licensing boards, to remove certification from physicians for unprofessional and unethical behavior.”

One doctor who has had their license revoked is Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton. The integrative physician was told she improperly exempted eight children from required school vaccinations. Sutton said she has always prioritized providing parents information necessary for giving informed consent on behalf of their children, but now specialty boards like the ABIM are obstructing her practice with their vague accusations and “egregious overreach of power.”

Before physicians across the country began speaking out against COVID vaccine safety, Baron never displayed a public concern about “misinformation.” Nor did he ever claim to be an expert authority on the subject. But what we now know is that Baron is in bed with Weber Shandwick, a PR firm self-branded as “misinformation and disinformation” experts.


Weber Shandwick is the second-largest PR firm in the world. According to their website, they are experts in strategy & analytics, creative design & content, public relations & marketing, organizational transformation, and crisis reputation & leadership. Vaccine producing companies such as Pfizer and Moderna have contracted Weber Shandwick to promote their so-called miracle of modern medicine.

Pfizer spent 2.8 billion U.S. dollars on advertising in 2022 – the key to their deadly mRNA vaccine disinformation campaign

In 2022, Pfizer spent 2.8 billion U.S dollars on advertising, an increase of 800 million from the previous year. At the same time Weber Shandwick received the big bucks from Pfizer, they transitioned to providing clients with misinformation and disinformation management services. In fact, Weber Shandwick’s Executive Vice President of Healthcare Communications, Strategy & Planning Sarah Mahoney has stated that she “can’t think of a more important topic right now.”

Weber Shandwick’s Big Pharma backed crusade against “medical misinformation” has led them to host several conference panels featuring supposed experts. Dr. Richard Baron, a client of Weber Shandwick who has used the firm to advertise his disgust of physicians with dissenting opinions on COVID, was a panel member at one of these events.

The CDC has even struck up mega contracts with Weber Shandwick. According to the firm’s website, they were tasked with “promoting the vaccination of children, pregnant women and those at risk for flu and increase the general acceptance and use of vaccines.”

It seems that as the dollars roll in, everyone whose opinion aligns with the government and Big Pharma is automatically an expert on ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation.’ Even more so, they seem to have the authority to punish others for having a dissenting opinion. That’s called tyranny.

It seems that misinformation and disinformation are the primary M.O. (method of operation) of all things vaccine related these days, and anyone who opposes this misinformation and disinformation is accused of spreading misinformation and disinformation. How ironic. Keep your truth news in check by adding to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on real news about surviving the next wave of misinformation and disinformation coming from Big Pharma.

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