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Jeffrey “IntheMatrixxx” Pedersen and Shannon “ShadyGrooove” Townsend touched on the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting and its links to mental illness during the Oct. 26 episode of “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” on Brighteon.TV.

The mass shooting happened on Oct. 25, a day before the program aired. Mass shooter Robert Card shot and killed 18 people at two locations, first at the Schemengees Bar and Grille Restaurant and then at the Spare Time Recreation bowling alley. He was found dead two days later, on the evening of Oct. 27.

Pedersen said Card was a trained firearms instructor believed to be in the Army Reserves stationed out of Saco in Maine. However, he mentioned that the mass shooter recently reported mental health issues. Card had also been committed to a mental health facility for two weeks during the summer of 2023 before being released later. Card also had a therapist. (Related: Suspect in Maine mass shooting found DEAD.)

The “MG Show” co-host found this rather interesting. “How convenient that this guy is again somebody that’s on the radar of someone who has a mental health issue,” Townsend said. “[He] has made threats, public threats, and then all of a sudden they go to the therapist and then now, [we are here].”

Pedersen also mentioned that Vice President Kamala Harris has recently called on Congress to pass a ban on “assault weapons,” which President Joe Biden will sign. However, “InTheMatrixxx” pointed out the absurdity of this action. Mass shooters like Card have an issue with mental health and not gun permits, he stressed.


InTheMatrixxx: Maine mass shooting all about MIND CONTROL

Pedersen pointed out this is all about mind control, which involves a covertly funded agency using targeted persons who are placed in mental institutions under therapists or program specialists. The key is the “therapist” who works on weak minds.

Pedersen mentioned that “hearing voices” just like what Card experienced is part of the Central Intelligence Agency‘s (CIA) hidden electromagnetic mind control experiments. Controlling human behavior by remote radio transmission isn’t science fiction, he noted. According to Pedersen, the U.S. government has achieved its goal of breaking and entering Americans’ minds at will after years of secret experiments – starting with the hearing voices experiment on Vietcong prisoners of war at the Bien Hoa Hospital.

He also recalled that “de-patterning” – which is a systematic annihilation of a subject’s mind and memory – was done at Allan Memorial Institute. This was accomplished with heavy doses of LSD, barbiturate-induced comas and electroconvulsive therapy administered at 75 times the normal dose for psychiatric therapy. He cited this was done on a global scale.

Pedersen also mentioned a February 2013 article on the Constatine Report, which was actually from 1995. The article quoted the late psychology professor Dr. David Krech of the University of California, who warned: “[Electromagnetic response] research may carry with it even more serious implications than the achievements of the atomic physicists.”

Townsend pointed out that with modern technology, people can now use text messages or keywords as a trigger to program someone who is in a hypnotic trance. “This is way easier to do in the modern era, with technology and phones, than it was 40 or 50 years ago,” he said.

“InTheMatrixxx” also cited a 2013 study by the Fusion Center, which found that 79 percent of mass shootings were attributed to a history of mental illness. Ten years on, he believes that this number has grown – with the Oct. 25 incident being the latest example.

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Watch the Oct. 26 episode of “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” below. Tune in to “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” with Jeff and Shady every weekday at 12-1 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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