Ben Armstrong: White House’s admission that Biden has dementia makes him an “open national security risk”

Ben Armstrong of the New American magazine has claimed that a secret recording that shows the White House’s struggles with the dementia of President Joe Biden proves that the U.S. is facing a national security threat.

“A national security threat: Secret recording reveals that White House struggling with Biden’s dementia. This is a bigger story than I think people really realize,” Armstrong said during the Feb. 2 edition of “The Ben Armstrong Show.” The journalist also praised James O’Keefe, who now leads the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), for exposing “what high-up White House officials really think.”

According to Armstrong, Biden’s dementia is a “big time” development and getting the executive branch to admit it openly is amazing. Nevertheless, he stressed the importance of people needing to understand this through a national security lens.

“We’re facing enemies who are posturing as if they’re going to attack us. And we have a guy who our own White House officials believe has dementia, and he’s supposed to protect our nation. It matters big time. So, this is probably one of the biggest videos, even at first glance. He’s just confirming all the things we already know like the American people say, ‘I know Joe Biden has dementia.'”

Armstrong then played O’Keefe’s secret footage with Charlie Kraiger, a staffer at the White House’s Executive Office of the President (EOP). The founder of Project Veritas asked Kraiger about Biden’s dementia, to which the government official said the president is definitely slowing down.

The journalist for the New American magazine further described Biden as an “open national security risk,” continuing: “If his own White House says he has dementia, that’s a risk.” Armstrong pointed out that America’s enemies already know about Biden’s cognitive decline, and they are now actively setting up.

White House COVERING UP Biden’s dementia

Armstrong also played an interview of O’Keefe on the “Bannon’s War Room” podcast about the undercover footage. The OMG founder told former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon that according to Kraiger, they don’t want the public to know that Biden has dementia and is slowing down. This, O’Keefe continued, is a deception of the American electorate.

Bannon remarked that the matter is indeed a massive national security problem, before asking O’Keefe if he anticipates an invitation from Congress to testify. The investigative journalist replied in the negative, saying he doubts it will happen since they don’t want him to have credibility.

The former White House chief strategist also mentioned that several people have pointed to Biden moving slowly and stumbling through his speeches. But it is quite different when a White House official close to him is admitting to this open secret. Ultimately, Bannon said the White House being fully aware of Biden’s dementia means there has been a massive cover-up. (Related: COVER-UP: White House chief doctor deems Biden fit to work, but omits cognitive test.)

O’Keefe believes it is one of the most important tapes he has ever done in his entire career because it is about a White House official. The investigative journalist and filmmaker noted that most people in America are not paying attention, but when someone admits something out of their mouth it matters because that person is saying something credible.

The OMG founder ultimately remarked that this will probably lead to something different, saying: “I do think it is an amazing admission and a lot of people are pointing out on it. This video has 20 million views already. The biggest video since Pfizer actually set 20 million on X alone.”

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Watch Ben Armstrong’s commentary regarding President Joe Biden’s dementia being a national security threat below.

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