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YouTube confirms it will immediately ban all videos that question the “official” vaccine narrative promoted by the corrupt WHO and vaccine companies

YouTube just confirmed they will work with the World Health Organization (WHO) to remove any videos that question the official vaccine narrative promoted by vaccine companies.

The Stalinist WHO has become nothing more than a Big Pharma front group, advancing the interests of vaccine makers. The WHO has made Big Tech its echo chamber, selling Big Pharma’s immunosuppressants, which includes a long list of vaccines that damage cellular immunity. There is no longer a shred of transparency surrounding vaccine science because the WHO is strategically eliminating any dissent about vaccination online.

WHO uses Silicon Valley to censor truths about vaccination

The WHO has partnered with Silicon Valley Big Tech giants to weed out any information about vaccine damage, vaccine injury, viral shedding from vaccines, among other serious topics that concern public health. The WHO is targeting any hopeful information on treatments, preventative nutrition, plant-based medicines, and any information that could advance innate immunity and free human beings from endless vaccine experiments. This authoritarian organization pays no regard to human rights as their team of vaccine pushers work to bury information that is critical of vaccine science, its shortcomings, and its sordid history of deadliness.

The scientific method is being suppressed and censored because the WHO demands vaccine obedience, targeting dissenters of vaccines as “a public health threat.” The WHO demands wide scale vaccine distribution while ignoring the science on its adverse effects. This network of vaccine pushers coordinate to ensure that vaccine makers enjoy legal immunity when their products do harm, while censoring any debate about this atrocious reality.

Stalinist WHO coordinates with YouTube to suppress covid-19 vaccine concerns

The modern-day World Health Organization is like the USSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, a propaganda and information suppression branch of Joseph Stalin’s early 20th century Soviet Union communist empire. During that time, the Soviet Union controlled the television networks and radio stations with their own political propaganda, while locking down public speaking on important matters of human freedom, and punishing anyone who dared commit “a slip of the tongue.”

Today, the WHO runs a digital solutions department that meets weekly with the policy teams of Big Tech. This dictatorial WHO department is led by Andy Pattison, who was open about their effort to censor any information that dampers human belief in upcoming coronavirus vaccines. He told Reuters that his team meets with YouTube on a weekly basis to discuss content trends online while discussing the types of videos that spread “dangerous misinformation” about vaccines. YouTube recently agreed to limit the spread of covid-19 related information that defies the position of the WHO. YouTube is in the process of removing videos that question covid-19 vaccines. YouTube is currently banning channels and any videos that point out the limitations of these vaccines and their potential to cause great harm.

YouTube is already working with the WHO to remove videos that dispute the “supreme authority” guidance provided by public health authorities. Since February, YouTube has removed over 200,000 videos questioning the covid-19 status quo. No one can post content that tells the truth about junky, non-specific coronavirus tests. No one can post videos about the absurdities of contact tracing of healthy people and the constant shutting down of society over virus fears. No one can question the worthlessness of social distancing and the mass mental illness of expecting people to follow arrows on the floor. No one can dispute mandatory masking, or speak out about the negative psychological effects that these mass medical edicts have on everyone. To make matters worse, no one can question vaccines at all, even though they are being rushed into existence, with numerous accounts of vaccine recipients suffering from adverse events, both mild and severe.

The WHO controls world democracy now, punishing thought, mocking scientific integrity and progress by infiltrating the internet with its Big Vaccine propaganda and censoring out the truth. It’s a medical fascist takeover and the casualties will continue to mount, as important information is buried, smart people silenced.

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