SAY WHAT? Western perversion: British midwives now being taught how to deliver babies through “male genitalia”

Students enrolled at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) are now being taught that men can get pregnant and deliver babies through their “male genitalia.”

Yes, the transgender delusion has become so ingrained in the minds of some that they think a human baby can pass through a man’s penis.

A new “skills workbook” released by the school claims that “birthing persons” with a penis can birth humans, and that midwives-in-training need to know how to use catheters for “both female and male anatomy” in order to make a trans pregnancy successful.

“It is important to note that while most times the birthing person will have female genitalia, you may be caring for a pregnant or birthing person who is transitioning from male to female and may still have external male genitalia,” the document reads.

The school later revised this statement on its website to read “female to male” as opposed to “male to female,” claiming the original wording was a mistake. It left intact, however, all other references to the penis and other parts of the male anatomy such as the prostate gland.

ENU also inserted an additional section claiming that female to male transgender patients may, in some cases, have to give birth to a baby through an artificially constructed “penis,” depending on how far along they are in the “transition.”

LGBT Foundation orders midwives to stop using gendered language like “breastfeeding” and “vaginal birth” to avoid upsetting transgenders

Elaine Miller from the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy came out in opposition to the guide, noting that the midwifery instructions contained within it are biologically incoherent.


Miller also warned about the potential negative side effects for so-called “trans” people who try to give birth to babies while pretending to be normal like everybody else.

“It is not possible for a male person to get pregnant,” Miller stated plainly. “A [female] with a gender difference can become pregnant, but will not have male genitalia.”

“Most [females] who use testosterone, at the doses used for ‘transition,’ will develop vaginal atrophy,” she added, noting that biologically female transgenders could suffer “new types of birth injury” such as a rip.

“The fragile tissue of an atrophied vagina may be unable to stretch to accommodate a baby’s head.”

Dr. Susan Bewley, an emeritus professor in Obstetrics and Women’s Health at King’s College London, has likewise spoken out against the new trans guide.

“These materials are the opposite of the high-quality training that patients need from midwives and doctors,” she said, explaining that many women who undergo transition surgery to become “men” also get a hysterectomy, which makes it physically impossible for them to give birth, ever.

“The project may have arisen from compassion and enthusiasm, but it is worrying that the writers don’t seem to know, care about, or check facts,” Bewley added.

The LGBT Foundation, meanwhile, published a government-sponsored (aka taxpayer-sponsored) report – and it is supposedly a conservative government, just to be clear – ordering midwives to stop using female-specific language when talking about childbirth.

Instead of calling it “breastfeeding,” for instance, the LGBT Foundation would prefer that midwives call it “chestfeeding.” Referring to a “vaginal birth” is also off-limits, and should be replaced with “frontal or lower birth,” according to the group.

“Traditional terminology may induce dysphoria or discomfort for trans and non-binary parents,” the report states.

It is important to emphasize once again that biologically and factually speaking, only real women can get pregnant and deliver babies. No amount of tampering with hormones and body parts or politically correct language will ever, ever change that fact.

“First, you have to prove to me that men can get pregnant,” wrote a commenter at Newspunch. “Show me one true male that has become pregnant, not a female who identifies as a male.”

“Jesus cannot get here soon enough,” wrote another.

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