Man who regrets transitioning to a woman at age 15 wants to raise awareness about the harm caused by the transgender movement

A 24-year-old who now describes himself as a “detrans male” recently shared his story of transitioning at age 15 and his regrets in hopes of raising awareness about the harm the transgender movement is causing to vulnerable young people.

The man, who goes only by the name “Tree” on Substack, explained how the trans community preyed on him when he was going through puberty. A self-described loner who didn’t have any friends, he spent a lot of time online at a time when the social justice/woke movement was starting to gain traction.

He had witnessed his mom being assaulted as a child, and the messages that masculinity is toxic and all men are evil oppressors inspired the impressionable young man. He began to view himself as a monster, saying he felt personally responsible, as a white man, for the oppression that women and people of color experience, despite being a sensitive 14-year-old who had never said an unkind word to anyone.

“I wasn’t mentally mature enough to think critically about these ideas, or to take them as anything but literal fact,” he wrote.

This mental immaturity is a theme throughout his story of his transitioning and ultimate regret. Thanks to brain development research, we now know that most people do not reach full maturity until around age 25, yet many people are being pushed into life-altering decisions before they even hit puberty.

The messages he describes as prevalent in the trans community are powerful: “Young boys will want to transition to escape the masculinity they’re being told is harmful and toxic; and while I can’t speak with authority on the subject, I imagine young girls will want to transition to escape the violence they’re being told is around every corner, in the eyes of every man who looks at them, and to access the power they’re being told they’re denied. These hyperbolic, oversimplified distortions of a complicated reality are neither healthy nor empowering, and hurt more than they help.


He believes that some of the same feelings that fuel binge eating, anorexia and cutting also fuel the desire to transition: a sense of self-hatred and the overwhelming need to punish oneself.

Adults in the trans community encourage young people to transition and provide them with scripts

He also explained how joining an organization in his area that offered resources for “queer youth” gave him a sense of community at a time when he didn’t have a single friend. Adults there introduced him to trans activists and encouraged him to become one himself; this activism, he says, is a big part of the trans movement and how it has spread so quickly.

Eventually, armed with transcripts provided by adult trans people online, he talked to his parents and doctors about transitioning medically. He made suicidal threats and claimed he would buy hormones from the black market if no one helped him.

By age 15, he started puberty blockers, and he started taking estrogen at 16. However, the self-hatred was still there, so he felt compelled to have castration surgery at around age 20. Now, he believes that no responsible doctor would perform this type of surgery, particularly on someone too young to have a clear conception of who they were and what they want.

He wrote: “I saw the surgery as a rite of purification. I felt that by removing a part of myself I would become whole. Years of online grooming and ideological brainwashing had made me delusional, but no one pushed back on it.”

Transitioning is hugely profitable for the medical establishment

He laments the fact that he will never be able to get back what he lost and is now reliant on the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of his life. He complains of intense cramping and phantom pains that his doctor didn’t warn him about and describes doctors and therapists who help people transition as enabling self-harm.

Worst of all, he learned that a transition is never really done. There will always be more surgeries and treatments to get as people chase that feeling of peace they were promised. He concluded: “The end goal of transition isn’t self-actualization. It’s self-annihilation.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t just one isolated incident. Countless young men and women are realizing that they were victimized by greedy surgeons, pharmaceutical companies and investors who are lining their pockets at the expense of vulnerable people who have been taken advantage of and convinced that mutilation and sterilization are the solutions to their problems.

Sadly, the longest follow-up study of transitioning, which spanned 30 years, found that the rate of suicide 10 to 15 years after surgery was 20 times greater than that of the general population. It’s appalling that so many doctors are in such a hurry to schedule surgeries instead of making these young people appointments with therapists.

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